Athenalarm panic button

Panic Button Knowledge

The Functions Of the Panic Button

  • For organizations (especially banks, shops, etc.) anti-robbery, in case of an emergency, is triggered at once. It can be installed in a place easy to trigger. It is usually installed in the bedside or the hall of the home that is easy to trigger.
  • When frail patients are alone at home, the portable panic button can also provide them with additional security. In addition, children or older persons can benefit from a portable panic button, and they can send alert messages to the receiver or the alarm receiving center at any time.

Installation Of Panic Button

The panic button is a small branch of the alarm control panel. The panic button is divided into wired and wireless transmissions. (wireless panic button omission)

The Wired panic button generally has three ports, NO \ NC \ COM, It means: COM + NO normally open, COM + NC normally closed.
According to the alarm control panel alarm mode (normally open \ normally closed) to set the panic button wiring. The alarm control panel of a residential area or building intercom is usually used normally open, so the panic button basically uses COM + NC. If there is more than one panic button connecting together, we must use parallel links, that is COM port linking together, NC port linking together.

Transmission Step Of Panic Button

Press the panic button to send a signal - the alarm control panel receives the signal - the alarm control panel sends the alarm signal - the signal receiver receives the signal.