Comparison of Traditional Alarm System and Intelligent Alarm System

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The intelligent alarm system is a family security system constituting with a variety of sensors, function keys, detectors and actuators together, is the "brain" of home security system. Alarm functions include fire prevention, anti-theft, gas leak alarm, emergency assistance and other functions. The alarm system adopts advanced intelligent control network technology and is controlled by the microcomputer to realize the automatic alarm to banditry, theft, fire, gas, emergency and other accidents .

The intelligent alarm system uses intelligent network specific protocol transmission, bus communication, with the most simple system architecture, easy to design, installation, use, management and maintenance. Alarm control panel has network alarm function. Most of users adopt phone to transmit alarm to themselves or alarm center without additional network wires, it is extremely convenient. At the same time, the use of bus wiring can greatly reduce alarm system cost.

The functions of a variety of intelligent alarm system devices:

  1. Door contact: mainly installed in the door and the door frame. When somebody broke into the home illegally, Alarm control host alarm, the management host will display the location and alarm information.
  2. Infrared detector: mainly installed near the window and balcony, infrared detection of illegal intruders. In addition, windows uses infrared curtain detector to protect with a hidden layer of electron beam.
  3. Glass break detector: installed in the front of the glass, alarm through the detection of broken glass high-frequency sound.
  4. Ceiling heat detector: installed in the living room, alarm through the detection of human body temperature.
  5. Gas leak detector: installed in the kitchen or bath, alarm when the gas leaks to a certain concentration.
  6. Smoke detector: generally installed in the living room or bedroom, alarm when the household flue gas to a certain concentration.
  7. Panic button: generally installed in a more hidden place, when emergency (such as robberies, sudden illness) occur in the home, we can press it for help from alarm center directly.
  8. Video: when we receive the alarm from phone, we can login in remote video to check live video, we also can login in monitoring center remotely to check historical monitoring record.