Infrared Curtain Detector Installation And Use Precautions

Installation precautions

When installing infrared curtain detector, we should pay attention to the following points:
1, Do not install infrared curtain detector directly face to the outside of the window.
2, Do not have screens, furniture, large bonsai or other objects with isolation effect within the detection range.
3, Do not install two or more infrared detectors in the same space, so as to avoid the interference caused by the simultaneous trigger.
4, Turned on infrared curtain detector, the detector has about 5 minutes of perception time on the surrounding environment, infrared curtain detector should be run for 5 minutes, and then set the detector to work with controller.
5, When an intruder enters and is detected by the infrared curtain detector, it takes a few seconds to analyze and confirm, then it launch an alarm signal to avoid false positives and false negatives.
6, Infrared curtain detector can only be installed indoors, must not be installed outdoors.
7, Infrared curtain detector board has "1, 2, 3" three ports, "2 and 3" port is connected to the test state, "1 and 2" port is connected to the normal state of use. In the normal state of use when the first alarm occur, it will take 5 minutes for reset, this time the detector does not be triggered by infrared, it will enter into the working state 5 minutes later. When it is used normally, the port should be in "1 and 2" connection status. The user should pay attention to that the port is placed in "2 and 3" connection status when the detector is out of the factory.

Use precautions

Infrared curtain detectors is fit for preventing the entire wall of windows, terraces, corridors.
1, Infrared curtain detector is mounted on the wall horizontally, the directional window of the detector point to the outside, the installation height is about 1.8 - 2.3 meters, the distance between the detector and the window had better more than 1 meter.
2, Infrared curtain detector to be installed in the indoor less of air flow, and temperature change, and avoid the place facing to the windows, cooler / heater, stove, etc. that will make the temperature changes quickly.
3, Installation should try to stay away from high-power appliances; also away from external light sources, such as sunlight and strong lighting and so on.
4, Infrared curtain detector should be installed to cover the entire area to be detected.