Improve Workplace Safety

Just as protecting your home from crime is a high priority for homeowners, protecting your business from crime should be a priority for business owners. Threats can come at your business through a variety of vectors both from outside and from within.

  • First and foremost, your security plan should ensure the only people in your office are those who are authorized to be in there. Install an access control system and make sure all employee-only areas are secured behind a system of access-controlled locked doors. Find a trusted security company to design and install a security system that fits your needs.
  • A video surveillance system, especially one whose presence is known to employees and visitors, can help discourage would-be assailants and help law enforcement identify suspects in case of an incident.
  • Other structural improvements to increase security include burglar alarm systems, panic buttons, bright and effective lighting and height markers on doors to help discourage and prevent potential crime.
  • Establish workplace policies regarding visitors that may include limiting visitors to certain public areas and for limited amounts of time.
  • Maintain adequate staff numbers. Studies indicate the presence of more employees improves workplace safety and discourages criminal activity.
  • Conduct background checks on all potential employees as necessary.
  • Keep only a limited amount of cash on site at any given time, while making frequent, monitored deposits to a bank by a trusted employee.
  • Maintain policies on concealing employees’ personal items and valuables both at their workstations and in their vehicles.
  • Make sure employees don’t work alone, and have a “buddy system” in place so employees know who to turn to in case of emergency.