Home Security System Concept

AS-1000 Smart Home Palm Guard 1

Accompany with the continuous development of the world economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, many modern residential quarters are built around the world. Due to the urban population expansion and the unsafe factors in the use of gas and a large number of household electrical appliances, these bring many threats of the life and property for residents in the community. The greatest threat of the life and property for residents includes two aspects: man-made damage (such as theft, robbery and homicide), and damage caused by natural disasters (such as fires, gas leaks and sudden diseases). Therefore, people increasingly require adopting effective methods to meet the growing demand for safety precautions.

In order to ensure the safety of residents' lives and property effectively, intelligent security systems have been introduced in residential and residential quarters for safety management. The smart home security system is composed of burglar alarm system, fire alarm system, anti-gas leakage system and emergency system, the security system is one of the most Important and effective means to prevent external invasion and natural disasters for home and residential quarters, which has greatly enhanced residents' sense of security and has become an important part of safeguarding public order.

The general home burglar alarm system consists of gas detectors, infrared detectors, door contacts, remote controls, panic buttons. Each detector constitutes a zone. When the information collected by the detector is processed, it can automatically send out alarm signal for various illegal invasions, emergency distress, fire alarm and other emergencies. The family property and personal safety can be protected by home security system effectively.