Home Gas Detector Precautions When Using

Gas leak detector

Home gas detector is a common alarm detector, it is very useful in the home. Users need to pay attention to many matters when using in the home, if used abnormally, it will cause much harm. Athenalarm introduce the precautions of home gas detector when using briefly as following:

1, install gas detector at correct location

Gas detector is generally installed in the kitchen near the gas meter, many home gas detector user manuals also require installation in the kitchen. In the event of gas leakage, it not only cause harm to their lives and property, because natural gas is lighter than air, if leakage is not discovered and shut down timely, natural gas will go upstairs through vents, floor drains, it but also cause harm to residents upstairs.

Athenalarm recommends: install at least 2 or 3 gas detector in the home. Installed in the kitchen can detect it’s forgotten to shut down natural gas or indoor pipeline leaks; installed in the bathroom near the exhaust vent, can detect natural gas from downstairs or sewer pipe; installed in the bedroom, can remind sleeping people.

2, gas detector should be a self-test monthly at least

Gas detector user manuals are marked period of use, more than 90% marked as 3 years, some home gas detector is stated in the manual in particular that residents should test gas detector once monthly at least and introduced self-test method. However, quite a few residents who have installed gas detectors have never tested the gas detectors in their home, but rather believe that they are working as long as they does not alarm and the light is on subjectively.

Athenalarm recommends: because the sensor in a gas detector is a sensitive component, its sensitivity determines the gas detector reliability. When the sensor or the whole gas detector has reached the specified deadline, the gas detector needs to be recalibrated or the sensor needs to be replaced. Gas detector user manuals include self-test guide, the users should test gas detector once monthly at least according to the manual self-test guide.

3, when gas detector alarm, we should shut down natural gas timely and keep ventilation

When gas detector alarm, it does not mean people is poisoning, it signifies a suspected gas leaks. Gas detector alarm point is lower than the value may cause harm to human body. In other words, when gas detector alarm, a normal person standing next to the leak spot, as long as he shut down natural gas timely, keep ventilation, it will not cause harmful effects on his body.

Athenalarm recommends: when gas detector alarm, we should shut down natural gas timely, and keep ventilation.

4, cover the gas detector with thin stockings, prevent cockroaches into it causing false alarms

If the use of gas detector is in the lower temperature areas, gas detector due to work continuously bringing heat will attract mosquitos, cockroaches, etc., causing false alarms.

Athenalarm recommends: In this situation, the gas detector can be covered with thin stockings, intensive network of the thin stockings can prevent the cockroach infestation gas detector effectively, and good ventilation of the thin stockings will not affect the sensitivity of the gas detector on suspicious gas.

5, others

  • In the choice of installation location, make sure there is no strong electromagnetic fields around (such as: high-power motors, transformers, etc.) in order to avoid the effect by the strong magnetic field when gas detector is working.
  • Home gas detector is one of the safety instruments with audio, light display functions. It had better to be installed in the location easy to see and easy to hear, once it alarms, we can find and handle it at the first time.
  • Do not install it in high temperature, high humidity environment, so as not to affect the detection accuracy of home gas detector.
  • Please buy regular gas detector which has safety certification, high quality to ensure safety.
  • In case of failure, please contact professional maintenance company or person, please do not disassemble the gas detector.