Athenalarm alarm control panel

The GPRS Networking Alarm Control Panel Installation And Maintenance


The GPRS networking alarm control panel through wireless or wired connects to various types of detectors to achieve burglar alarm function. The panel connects to a fixed telephone line, GSM, or networking cable. When alarm running, the panel will alarm according to the way setted by the customer.
GPRS networking alarm control panel connects to a cable, alarm control panel, and alarm center communication is achieved through the network (using TCP/IP communication protocol). This is a very fast (within 1 second) stable and good real-time ( a regular test with the alarm center every 5 minutes) way of communication, almost no communication costs at last. But the cost of construction is relatively high, and it is afraid of cutting lines.

The GPRS networking alarm control panel installation and maintenance precautions:

  1. The alarm control panel installation should be away from large metal objects, television, computers, etc. or the transmission or reception distance will be shortened because of the signal suffer interference; panel had better be installed as near as possible to the detectors; in the hidden situation, the antenna as far as possible Pull out and put up; pay attention to the line of the phone don't reverse.
  2. When the alarm control panel into the code state, the wireless accessories for each launch, the alarm control panel has a voice "di" to express received. When the wireless accessories needed code don't emit,  but the alarm control panel sends a "di" sound, maybe near the alarm control panel other detectors emit signals, in this case, it should be re-code, after the code we should immediately press the code key to confirm and exit, the code process time as short as possible, to avoid the other set of alarm accompany with the detector to send the signal to the alarm control panel.
  3. The alarm control panel maintenance: In order to ensure the reliability of the system, to maintain at least once a month "step test." After a while of using, the panel may be dusty and greasy, it need using soft cotton or sponge water to clean, and then dry. But in the process of cleaning, it is strictly prohibited with any friction or organic solvents, such as: kerosene, acetone, strong glue, etc. to wipe the shell, so that not to damage the appearance of the fuselage.
  4. The alarm control panel power supply: alarm control panel power from an external rechargeable AC adapter and built-in rechargeable battery. After the battery Undervoltage will turn off the power supply to the panel, enter the automatic protection state. Once the system power supply to restore power supply, the panel immediately start into the working state, and the backup battery charge.