Crime Prevention for the Workplace

Crime is everywhere and unfortunately, no business is guaranteed safety. However, everyone can do something to help. Here are a few tips to help reduce criminal activity in your business community.

Work Together

Retail establishments, particularly those located in shopping centers, can join together to watch for and report suspicious activity. Employees in business offices can work together to promote safety and security practices in the office environment. Fleet vehicles, such as delivery trucks, can be a great tool for crime prevention. As these vehicles travel throughout the community, employees can promptly notify police regarding any suspicious activity.

Crime Prevention during Business Hours

  • Dial 911 immediately if you notice suspicious strangers loitering in or near your place of business. Take particular notice of people who loiter during the opening and closing times of your business.
  • Employees in charge of making bank deposits should always be alert for strangers lingering at the bank. If in doubt, do not make the deposit while a suspicious person is in the area.
  • Never block the view into your store by filling windows with multiple displays. Robbers don’t want to be seen, and they are less likely to attack your business if a passerby can see what’s going on inside.
  • Minimize the amount of cash you keep on the premises.
  • Make frequent pick-ups of money from registers and make regular bank deposits.
  • Try not to work alone. Studies have indicated that the presence of more employees may reduce the incidence of an armed robbery.
  • Install quality locks on doors and windows. Also invest in a monitored alarm system. Alarms are the best defense against property crime and knowing you have a system could be enough to deter criminals.
  • Always use interior and exterior lighting. Lighting may prevent an intruder from concealing his illegal activities. Installing and using motion sensor lighting is an inexpensive way to deter crime at your business.

Shoplifting can cut into your profits. Here are some practical tips that can help keep shoplifting to a minimum:

  • Greet and approach all customers and offer to provide assistance.
  • Keep expensive items away from entrances.
  • Develop a policy to deal with shoplifters. Shoplifting laws are complex so make sure your employees are familiar with the regulations in your state.
  • Hire security guards or loss prevention staff to keep an eye out for shoplifters.
  • Utilize video surveillance in your business to catch criminals. You can also deter criminal activity by placing the video surveillance cameras in plain view. Remember, you can only place video surveillance cameras in public areas. Places where surveillance is prohibited include bathrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, etc.

The most effective way to prevent crime is through the cooperative efforts of businesses, citizens and police. By working together, we can help keep our communities and workplaces safe.