Business Security Guidelines

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What are you doing to protect the legal documents, private records, inventory, money and people in your workplace? The contents within the four walls of your business are valuable so it is crucial to keep them protected. Consider implementing some of the following business security guidelines into your company's security policy.

Internal Policy

Adapt a key control policy. Your business may be vulnerable to theft if you are unsure who has access to your building. Make sure the keys to your workplace cannot be duplicated without your permission. Document the names of employees who have company keys or access cards.

Create a visitor access policy. It is important to know who is coming into your business. If possible, have each visitor sign in with a front entrance receptionist and acquire a visitor’s badge. If your business deals with highly confidential information, you may want to have each visitor sign a non-disclosure agreement form when he or she arrives. All visitors should be accompanied by an employee at all times.

Physical Security

Install an alarm system. Alarm systems offer two forms of protection: deterrence and detection. In the event of an intrusion, most basic alarm systems will trigger an audible or visual upon the detection of a threatening situation such as a fire, intrusion or the presence of carbon monoxide. For more protection, consider installing a monitored alarm system. Not only will your system react with a physical alarm, but it will also notify emergency responders of the situation.

Upgrade the security on your doors. Deadbolt locks are an inexpensive way to keep intruders out of your workplace. To maximize the effectiveness of deadbolt locks install them on every exterior door. A more advanced way to secure your business is through an electronic access control system. This system will provide a record of who opened or attempted to open every door. With an electronic access control system you can decrease the risk of an internal security breach and eliminate the risk of outside invasion due to lost or stolen mechanical keys.

Use video surveillance. Video surveillance is a security system that is used to deter thieves and investigate crimes that occur on your property. Video surveillance is most effective as a deterrent when cameras are placed in plain sight. You can also use your surveillance cameras to view different areas of your office in real time on a computer, smartphone or tablet.