Bus Network Alarm system Overview

Athenalarm Network Alarm Monitoring System Solution Structure Schematic Diagram

The bus network alarm system is based on computer data processing and is an intelligent network alarm system transmitting by the telephone line (realize functions by using telephone line), RS485 bus data as the backbone separately, is the data processing center of network alarm, set data reception, processing, archive management, command, supervision, connection to drive other systems and other functions. It can respond faster and more effectively to emergencies and identify who, when, where, and what to activate the alarm system.

The wired and wireless zones of this alarm system are compatible. Alarm signals, tamper signals, environmental monitoring signals, equipment fault signals, telephone line fault signals, bus line fault signals, and power failure signals all transmit through the telephone line or the bus line inform the alarm control panel immediately, and the central control room can detect, inquire, and adjust various devices of the alarm system through detection operation, and it will not cause the defects of the entire alarm system due to the failure of a certain segment of users, and also ensure the alarm system’s reliability and integrity for running.

The front-end equipment is mainly PIR sensors, door contacts, panic buttons, and gas detectors, etc. installed in places where the user's room must be protected.

Bus Network Alarm system Working Principle

When the panel goes out, the alarm control panel is started through a keypad or remote control or other ways, and the alarm system enters the defense state. When someone illegally breaks the door or enters the room from the balcony or window, the PIR sensor or door contact in the room will be triggered. The alarm will be sent out immediately and the signal will be transmitted to the presetting designated place or person, so as to obtain the preventive effect. The panel only needs to unlock the alarm system through a keypad or remote controller or other ways when coming home. The corresponding detectors such as the PIR sensor and door contact in the room are temporarily closed to avoid false alarms. When an illegal person enters the house to robbery, the panel can press the panic button or corresponding emergency device at the side to call the alarm center for help. In addition, users can use their own keypad for password modify, arm, disarm, and other controls.

Bus Network Alarm system Main Functions

  • The alarm center receives all signals sent from the front-end equipment, display the user's details;
  • The map shows the alarm location of the user and can measure the actual distance between any two points;
  • The zone map shows the specific location and information of the alarm zone;
  • Regularly check the working status of front-end equipment and display the latest test results;
  • The schedule of disarming by the user;
  • Edit, add, delete all database information;
  • Save all events that have been received by the control center and occurred in the system for query and maintenance.

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