Burglar Alarms Selection Guide

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In the security market, there are so many burglar alarms. In order to avoid mistakes for customers, we provide some advice for selection high quality and suitable burglar alarms. These are as follows:

1, Make sure it is the manufacturer's authorized dealer. Authorized dealer or other formal channels are able to provide high-quality products, more competitive price and excellent service.

2, Check the products package whether it contains the manufacturer's name, address, trademark and contact information? If not or lack of related element, please pay attention to the product whether it is a fake or shoddy product, because the real manufacturer of product package must have the above content.

3, Alarm control panel, PIR detector, door contact must obtain mandatory safety certification, it is the primary factor of ensuring product quality.

4, Alarm control panel transformer must be built-in, it is impossible to pass the safety test if it is external.

5, Make sure the affiliated siren of alarm control panel is built-in? External siren is unsafe.

6, Alarm control panel and PIR detector must have anti-tamper function. It is unsafe if they don't have anti-tamper function and easy to be damaged.

7, Whether PIR detector has anti-glare function? It can prevent glare false positives if it has anti-glare function.

8, Whether PIR detector has temperature compensation function? It can prevent false positives caused by temperature changes if it has temperature compensation function.

9, Whether PIR detector circuit board include frequency stabilization component? This component can prevent false positives brought by the magnetic field, pulse, same frequency, high frequency, sound and other signals.

10, Whether has low battery prompt related function? This function can prevent the voltage instability caused by low voltage or false positives.

11, Whether adopt micro-power design,has a power-saving mode and standard mode? This function can make battery work for a long time.

12, Whether PIR detector provides 9-12V DC input interface? It ensure PIR detector can work intermittently and reduce trouble for battery replacement with dual power supply.

13, The type of battery used in PIR detector is AAA battery, it is easy to replace.There are many types for choice. The lumpy battery is not convenient, and electric current is low.