The Main Functions Of the Burglar Alarm Panel

Athenalarm burglar alarm panel
Athenalarm burglar alarm panel
Athenalarm burglar alarm panel

The burglar alarm panel is the "brain" of the burglar alarm system, which handles the signals of the sensors and controls the burglar alarm system by providing disarming operations via a keypad and other equipment. When the burglar alarm system alarms, it not only can provide sound/light prompts, but also send alarm signals to the alarm center through the telephone, mobile, or internet.
The alarm sensor is used to detect the intrusion, and is the key to the alarm control panel. The usage of different principles of the sensors can constitute different types, anddifferent applications, to achieve different detection purposes of the alarm detection device.
The main functions of the burglar alarm panel include: partition and zone, arm, disarm and alarm, event recording and query, communication and networking, fault detection and display, password and reset, expansion and compatibility.
1, Partition and zone:
The general burglar alarm panel should set zones, that can make management easy. The large burglar alarm panel can even set multiple partitions, and partitions including the number of zones can be determined by the program design.
There are various types of zones, such as entrance and exit delay zones, perimeter zones, internal zones, emergency zones, medical aid zones, fire zones, etc. The zones have various attributes, such as sound/silence, continuous sound / intermittent Sound, bypass / no bypass, wireless/wired, transmission delay / no delay, and so on.
It is better to meet the needs with appropriate zones, types, and attributes, not necessarily the more the better, and it may be cause cumbersome and inconvenience.
For easy memory and use, some burglar alarm panels can identify partitions, zones, and even entrances with custom codes or aliases, such as several departments of a company that occupies different partitions, each of which can be represented by a different department name.
2, Arm, disarm, and alarm:
The type of arm and disarm include the leave and stay arm and disarm, the arm and disarm when going out, automatic arm and disarm, forced disarm, single-zone arm and disarm, engineering arm and disarm (for the test), set the zone bypass and release. The more kind of type, the more convenient for the user.
The alarm is divided into two categories, one is an intrusion trigger alarm, and the other is a variety of detection failure alarm, such as tamper, power, alarm, zone failure, and telephone line failure. This type of alarm involves the panel of self-protection, it should be taken seriously.
3, Event recording and, query:
When the panel in the course of the operation alarming, or related to changing the settings of the various operations, it should be stored as an event. it should be easy to view when needed to check it. This event record does not allow any modification, and even if the panel's power off for a long time, its records can still be completely preserved. This record has a very important significance of the occurrence alarming to find the responsibility and teach a lesson.
4, Communication and networking:
Including compatible communication protocols, communication objects, and direction. The general use of the wired telephone as the main means of communication, with two or more the central networks, it also can report to the user phone directly. Some panels add networking or mobile communications, as a backup and auxiliary, to further improve the reliability of communication.
5, Fault detection and display:
With automatic maintenance, usually AC/DC power monitoring, tampering, siren circuit, zone circuit failure, telephone line failure, communication failure, and so on. The more features of this feature, the better performance of the panel self-protection, and the higher reliability of the work. When the display fails, for the LED display, the sound and light requirements display must be clear, easy to understand, and memory.
6, Password and reset:
Commonly used password type has an administrator password, user passwords, and holding passwords, and some can also set a one-time password, a single anti-password (arm effective, disarm invalid), and remote control program design password.
The panel should have a reset function, in the case of lost passwords or other special cases, it can be reset the factory settings or re-programming. For a large panel, because it designs more programs, its reset function is often divided into several levels, you can specifically reset some aspects to reduce the workload.
7, Expansion and compatibility:
The expansion of the panel function, generally through the way to connect the module, such as increase the zone, compatibility with wired and wireless zone, increase the design of output, connect access controller. These features are very popular on special occasions to meet the needs of the user's personality.


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