The Advantages Of Using Perimeter Precaution Alarm System

network perimeter alarm system solution

In the current urban architecture, the use of monitoring equipment gradually increase, so many people begin to pay attention to monitoring equipment. As people strive for more safe and comfortable life in the community, body safety, property safety, etc. need to be more extensive protection, so a variety of security systems come into being, including perimeter precaution alarm system which is one of the most representative security facilities.
How to understand their advantages? First of all, we have to start from the front-end, front-end intrusion detectors are mostly sub-line connection with the system controller and zone expansion module for communication connection, which lead to the limitations of system connectivity, the complexity of installation and commissioning, and the high construction costs of wire and personnel. Especially for the current perimeter precaution alarm system that uses the perimeter protection alarm detector, the severity of these defects and the urgency for settlement are highlighted. In a large-scale commercial anti-theft system project, the ease of installation and maintenance is a key element of the project's selection, especially for wiring, programming and subsequent maintenance, saving time and capital costs are necessary. If we adopt traditional model installing perimeter precaution alarm system for a large-scale commercial project, we need to connect each detector to the alarm control panel directly, so wiring construction, installation and maintenance will become more difficult accompany with more independence detectors and other equipments gradually.
For the perimeter precaution alarm system, there has also another choice of bus-line installation technology which can quickly improve the installation ability, it can save the construction time and difficulty of debugging greatly, and all keyboards can be connected to the controller by bus line in the system. It can save the cost of wiring and improve the distance between the controller greatly. If the perimeter precaution alarm system fails, the detection can be used to ensure the cause of the failure so as to greatly enhance the staff's efficiency.