This is FAQ about Athenalarm burglar alarms samples, product warranty info, return policy, shipping, customer service, and technical knowledge, etc. If you have any questions, please contact us.

About Our Service

Do you provide samples to customers?

Yes, of course. Athenalarm provides samples to customers according to customers' requirements.


What’s your burglar alarms warranty policy?

The product's warranty period is 1 year from the purchase day. We will change the faulty products freely and charge shipping cost for sending the new products to our customers.

What’s your return policy?

Return any of our burglar alarms--no questions asked within 1 year of purchase, the payment will be paid back except tariff and shipping cost.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions on China's working day. If you have any questions about Athenalarm, you can contact us freely.


The control panel just power on, there are "PSTN Line Cut, NO Battery" and other alarm information

It indicates the control panel is not connected (or wrong wiring) to the telephone line, battery. If the telephone line, the battery is unnecessary, you can turn off the alarm of the corresponding item in "Device/Host Setting/Abnormal Set".

The control panel broadcasts the voice prompt "XX zone failure"

  • The control panel supports a variety of resistors, a variety of connections, such as having used 3.3K resistors, should select the appropriate 3.3k resistor in the system “Device/Host setting/More Setting/WTRES”.
  • Please watch the diagram on the inside cover of the shell. If the detector is connected by normally open or normally closed, the resistors must be connected in parallel or in series.
  • The control panel prompts the zone is faulty when arming, and when the zone returns to normal, it alarms if it is triggered. This indicates that the zone is in a state of forced arming. If the faults of this zone occur frequently, it is recommended that you select “N” in the system “Setting/Configure/More Configure/Zone Force”. If the zone is faulty when arming, the control panel will automatically bypass the zone.

The control panel broadcasts the voice prompt "XX equipment failure"

It indicates that the related device connected to the bus interface (keypad interface) cannot be found, such as a keypad or a single zone address module. Therefore, the item “Device/Bus Scanner” must be run after installation.

Can not log in using super user password

The super user password is not allowed to log in the state of arming for security, therefore, the super user password must be used to log in when disarming.

 The disarming operation is unsuccessful

  • If the keypad does not be used for a while, it will dim. At this time, pressing any key will make the keypad bright. After pressing the key of disarming, the control panel prompts to enter the password, then enter the password and press Enter to complete the system disarm.
  • In the case of an alarm, it cannot be disarmed. At this time, the control panel will display alarm information as a priority choice, the safest operation should be to see the display of the alarm information, press the cancel button for a while, the control panel prompts entering the password, enter the user password 123456 + enter button to eliminate the alarm, the control panel is still in the arming state. After the alarm is released, operate according to the method above to disarm.

Restore the alarm control panel to the factory value

  • In the system "Support/Maintenance/Factory Reset" to restore the factory value.
  • The hardware restores the factory value. In case of power failure, press the S1 switch on the control panel, then power on and hold the S1 switch for 25 seconds, at last release the S1 switch.

How to deal with the control panel calls

When the call from the control panel is picked up, be sure to press the key “1” according to the voice prompt. Otherwise, the control panel judge that the alarm information is not notified to the user, and it will dial again.

Where does the zone 399 come from

  • The address modules have the same code (two or more modules are dialed the same code).
  • There is an address module that the code is not dialed.

You can find this address module based on the serial number of the zone 399.

The keypad always displays "connect host..."

The keypad interface circuit is short-circuited. Disconnect the bus line on the bus interface to check if the bus line is short-circuited.

The keypad warning light has been light?

  • The control panel has alarm information.
  • 24 hours zone is not back to normal, such as the panic button was pressed.

what is the difference through the bus extension connecting alarm detector and the traditional connecting alarm detector to the alarm control host?

The traditional alarm control host connects each alarm detector to the alarm control host by each wire, if there are lots of alarm detectors and long distance (such as perimeter precaution, office buildings, etc.), it will consume a lot of wire and spend high construction costs.
Alarm control host through bus extension connecting alarm detector is by pulling a pair of bus, connect the address module to the bus, then connect the alarm detector to the address module, under normal circumstances, the module and the alarm detector loading together, so it will consume less cost of wire, low construction costs, and be easy to expand.

How far can the bus reach?

A bus in the case of wire can transmit up to 1200 meters, if the distance is more than 1200 meters, each additional bus repeater can extend 1200 meters.

What are the requirements of the bus wire?

Under normal circumstances, the proposed use of RVVS 2 * 0.5mm twisted pair.

What are the requirements for bus construction?

  • Use a trunk line to make each bus device in series, if there is a branch, then the bus device to the branch of the trunk line as short as possible, it is best less than 5 meters.
  • If the trunk line is more than one, there are several branches, several branches of the bus length synthesis is best not to exceed 800 meters. If you exceed this distance, by adding a bus repeater at the branch, you can add two more branches each time.
  • Bus away from high-voltage equipment, such as 220V AC, fluorescent, high-voltage transformers. If the bus and 220V AC must be traced together, the best distance between the two is more than 20 cm.
  • In the wild or fewer buildings (such as large perimeter precaution), electronic equipment is susceptible to lightning. At this point, it is best to place the signal lines and power in the metal tube, buried in the soil inside 20 cm below, each metal pipe welded together, the metal pipe at both ends to be connected to the ground.

How to connect ground reliably?

Under normal conditions, the bus shield, equipment's metal shell should connect to the ground, so that the device anti-interference, anti-static, anti-lightning is good. There are several ways to connect to the ground reliably:

  • Playing ground pile: the market has such a ground pile to sell, with reference to its requirements, buried it underground.
  • If the building is framed and the building's construction area exceeds 1000 square meters, a line can be drawn from the metal frame of the building as a ground.
  • When connecting to the ground is difficult or it is constructing, the ground wire can be removed from the metal wall of the pipe (this method is not particularly reliable but stronger than no ground).

When the ground wire leads to the bus shield and equipment's metal shell, the line should be as thick and short as possible, do not turn, the line resistance connecting ground is less than 4 ohms.

Many devices in series together, away from the power supply, voltage drop seriously, the terminal part of the device almost cannot work, how to solve?

If the voltage drops less, the device can work through increasing 2-5V, replace the centralized power supply, increase the voltage, generally not more than 18V, the device can work properly.

Bus equipment in the debugging, running the process of dropped, how to solve?

There are several cases:

  • All equipment dropped, check the steps as follows:
    Step 1: Check each device to see if the signal cable is disconnected, reversed, connected to the power supply or ground, and connected to the wiring of other equipment.
    Step 2: Disconnect the part of the bus to see if the part of the equipment attached to the bus is back to normal, if it is, it proves that the back of the bus wiring error or some device problem.
    Step 3: Take a device attached to the host or communication branch, disconnect the bus, if you can normally detect the device to prove that the equipment is no problem, continue to check the wiring or disconnect the original line, re-pull a test line to a certain device, if the debugging is normal, indicating that the previous wiring problems or wire problems.
  • Part of the equipment far from the host or communication branch dropped, check the steps as follows:
    Step 1: Check the power of the dropped device to see if the voltage is too low.
    Step 2: Check the wiring between the dropped device and the device near the dropped device does not drop to see if the signal line is disconnected.
    Step 3: Re-pull a test line between the device never dropped and the nearest dropped device to see if it is back to normal.
  • Some of the devices dropped randomly and then they will be restored, check the steps as follows:
    Step 1: Connect a 120 ohm resistor at both ends of the bus (no longer have a bus) between the yellow and green line.
    Step 2: Remove some of the bus devices to see other devices attached to the bus whether there are dropped, if everything is normal, add a bus repeater, it can be normal.


Is the electric security fence safe for humans and animals?

Electric security fence generates the pulse signal of high voltage on the impact of human and animal so that people and animal feel fear and away from the fence, format the psychological barriers to achieve the purpose of security isolation and prevention. Electric shock is the pulse voltage, hit once per second, the instantaneous current is very small, the action time is short, and thus it will not cause harm to humans and animals. In 2008, GB (GB / T7946-2008) introduced the development of the electric security fence safety standards, in accordance with safety standards for the production and installation of using electric security fence is safe.

What day-to-day maintenance and inspection are required for the security fence?

Usually check the security fence host work whether it is normal, in addition, regularly clean up the grass and trees near the electronic line(will make plant withered, loss of electricity, but not false positives).

What are the advantages of pulsed electric security fence?

Pulsed electric security fence with blocking, deterrence, alarm three functions, low false alarm rate (away from the weather, small animals, branches and other effects), simple installation, long life, strong adaptability, and other advantages.

Is the security fence installation complicated?

Security fence system installation and construction is very convenient, generally the manufacturer or projector according to the terrain design, installation of construction, equipment and front-end fence of the material list, the instructions and construction plans can install and connect the security fence, generally half an hour will be able to learn construction process, Athenalarm will provide the relevant technical support if you need.

What are the power supply and power consumption of the security fence system?

Security fence needs 24V AC and DC power supply, security fence power consumption is very small, the power consumption of a security fence host is equivalent to 20W or so light bulbs.

Is the security fence expensive?

The cost of the security fence is not high, especially for the larger perimeter area, 20% to 50% lower than the installation of the metal fence, the protection effect is much better.

How long does the security fence system can be used?

If used and maintained properly, the security fence system can be used for 10-15 years.