Bank ATM Alarm Monitoring System Solution

1 The overview

The bank ATM alarm monitoring system solution is in order to solve the illegal personnel implements theft, robbery, and other acts on the bank ATM to ensure that the bank ATM is not affected by illegal actions. It can inform the police and bank security personnel through the alarm monitoring system based on the AS-9000 alarm control panel, and give illegal personnel effective deterrence through the scene of sound and light alarm to ensure the bank ATM security. It can monitor the site of the installed ATM and nearby, review the video at any time, store the video surveillance data cyclically when illegal events occur, it can provide relevant data to the police to find out criminals.

The bank ATM alarm monitoring system can work independently, or it can be integrated into the bank alarm monitoring system through the network to form a unified bank and ATM alarm monitoring system.

2 Bank ATM Alarm Monitoring System

2.1 Bank ATM may suffer the risk

  • ATM was damaged, the camera was damaged
  • ATM was damaged, the camera was cut off
  • ATM was damaged, the camera was separated from the NVR
  • ATM camera was suddenly covered by clothing or other things, couldn’t work normally
  • ATM was moved as a whole

2.2 Bank ATM anti-theft, anti-robbed and other illegal actions solution
2.2.1 The ATM alarm monitoring system solution includes pre-prevention, handling, and post-retrospective three aspects of ATM anti-theft, anti-robbery, and other illegal actions.
2.2.2 Pre-prevention Post and hang warning signs inside and outside of the bank and the site of the ATM Warning signs content: The region has installed video surveillance and the burglar alarm system. (Can be changed according to user needs) The style of warning sign is as follows:

WARNING SIGN Install the voice reactor above the ATM door. When someone goes in the door, it plays the voice "welcome". When someone goes out of the door, it plays the voice "Thanks for coming again", the functions are as follows:

  • Make a polite grating to customers, when customers go in or out of the door.
  • Warn the illegal personnel that this region has a human detection function by playing voices "welcome", "Thanks for coming again" to give illegal personnel effective deterrence. Install the cameras in the corner, entrance, and other key locations of the ATM region, monitor the entire ATM region 7 * 24 hours continuously so that illegal personnel can’t make an illegal action. The bank notice the bank burglar alarm system (including ATM) for a brief introduction through the bank's internal video system or post it so that the illegal personnel can quit before action.
2.2.3 Handling Install the ATM alarm monitoring system: AS-V Monitoring Alarm Control Panel, Athenalarm alarm system for monitoring alarm AS-V monitoring alarm system work as follows:

Bank-ATM-alarm-monitoring-system-solution-1024 Install the detection device in the ATM region

  • Install the digital vibration detector (AS-971 Digital Vibration Detector) at each key location inside the ATM: When the illegal personnel attack the ATM, the AS-971 Digital Vibration Detector detects the vibration and sends the signal to the AS-V Monitoring Alarm Control Panel
  • Install door contact (AA-55 Door Contact) for the moveable ATM: When ATM is moved as a whole, the door magnetism is opened, it will send a signal to the AS-V Monitoring & Alarm Control Panel
  • Install the panic button (AA-28B Panic Button) in the key locations where ATM is placed: When the illegal activity occurs, the related person can press the emergency button to report the emergency to the AS-V Monitoring Alarm Control Panel Install sound and light alarm equipment in ATM region When the detector is triggered, the sound and light alarm equipment with the linkage, sending an alarm, so that the illegal personnel feels effective deterrence, immediately give up the illegal activity. The NVR module in AS-V Monitoring Alarm Control Panel has an alarm function that reports to the police immediately when the camera is blocked or the image is lost. When bank security personnel receive a variety of alarm signals, they can view the video that the alarm sending through the alarm software (AS-ALARM Network Alarm Center Management Software), and deal with the event immediately. The ATM camera record 7 * 24 hours continuously of the ATM region, and save the video data on the hard disk. Bank personnel can view the video at any time, master the real-time bank security dynamics, and review the past video data at any time, if something is abnormal, they can deal with it immediately.
2.2.4 Post-retrospective If illegal activity occurs, banks and police can call and analyze store hard disk video data to find criminals. To research the entire criminal process of criminals, find the best way to prevent the recurrence of such incidents, and deal with it properly.

3 Implementation Function of ATM Alarm Monitoring System

  • Remind function: through the warning sign, notice to achieve
  • Pre-warning function: through the reminder reactor installed above the door, the cameras to achieve
  • Alarm function:
     If the camera is blocked or damaged, alarm through the NVR
     If the illegal personnel destroy the ATM, alarm through the digital vibration detector and anti-tamper equipment
     If the illegal personnel move the ATM as a whole, alarm through the digital vibration detector and the door magnetism
  • Evidence collection, preservation function: through the NVR to achieve

4 System features of ATM Alarm Monitoring System 

  • Fast: from the discovery of the alarm to receive the alarm in the alarm center, the whole process no more than 5 seconds
  • Accurate: the whole process of alarm through the computer, without manual operation, effectively avoid negligence and misuse
  • Large capacity: the AS-9000 alarm control panel zone capacity can be expanded to a maximum of 1656 bus zones, the software can access up to 5000 alarm control panels
  • Duplex transmission, self-test: the alarm center can test all detectors alarm performance at any time through the console, release the false alarm
  • Anti-sabotage: anyone of wire is broken or circuit short in the system will trigger an alarm
  • Anti-power off: when the user is power off or the circuit is destroyed, the backup power will support the alarm system to continue to work (not less than 24 hours); if backup power is off, the alarm center immediately receive the report of which way power is off in 1 second
  • Anti-interference: the system passed kinds of test indicators, lightning, electromagnetic radiation, and other tests. Wireless transmission use software code to prevent false positives of the operation between different users
  • A variety of arm, disarm way: keypad arm, disarm, telephone voice arm, disarm, SMS arm, disarm, remote control arm, disarm, center software remote arm, disarm
  • The system mainly adopts building block structure design, with better openness, each unit have multiple alarm (theft, robbery, infrared, door magnetism, and others) transmitting to the alarm center
  • The system adopts the innovative bus system, the structure is scientific and reasonable, the system reliability and stability is higher, make the construction more convenient and faster
  • The system adopts a fully open structure, reserved interface to support the indoor alarm system of automatically disarm, foyer lights, and other linkage needs
  • The system adopts a high-performance switching power supply, centralized power supply, effectively prevent lightning, short circuit, open circuit, overload operation, and with a large capacity battery float function, overcharge and over-discharge protection
  • Compatible with wired and wireless equipment

5 Required equipment of ATM Alarm Monitoring System 

5.4.1 AS-V Monitoring Alarm Control Panel AS-V monitoring alarm control panel's alarm module (AS-9000 alarm control panel motherboard, optional) main features:

  • Easy To Use:
  1. 16 wired, 30 wireless onboard zones, wired, and wireless zones are compatible.
  2. Expandable up to 1656 bus zones using the address modules.
  3. English & Chinese LCD keypad, menu programming, human-computer interaction interface, query panel status, alarm information all English display.
  4. Intelligent voice prompt, built-in voice module, can make voice alarm. Arm / disarm voice prompts, alarm information telephone voice broadcast, abnormal zone automatic bypass, and voice broadcast when arm.
  5. PSTN (basic), 4G, TCP/IP communication options, suitable for a variety of occasions.
  6. Standard Contact ID communication protocol, can communicate with the mainstream alarm receiver.
  7. Support 12 keypads: 1 main keypad, 11 sub-control keypads. 1 sub-control keypad can set two defense zone intervals. The panel can be divided into 22 partitions through the keypads at most.
  8. Support 8 remote controls.
  9. 12 user passwords can be set: 1 super user password, 1 main user password, 10 user passwords. The passwords are 6 digits and can be set according to users’ requirements. After using the main user or user password to arm, the super user password cannot disarm, which improves the security of the system.
  10. Can set 4 phone numbers for alarming (either landline or mobile phone number) and 2 alarm center telephone numbers (upload 2 alarm centers at the same time), 2 special alarm center telephone numbers for disarming, so the upload is free of charge.
  11. 5 types of arming and disarming: Keypad, phone voice, SMS, remote control, alarm software.
  12. “Black Box” function, can store 1500 event records. Can query the zone alarm information, arm, and disarm information, and the battery voltage.
  13. The alarm control panel has a test program, it can be able to diagnose where an error occurs (the wire, the sensor, or the alarm control panel itself).
  • Stable And Reliable:
  1. Automatic short circuit protection: the port of 12V power output, siren or others occur short circuit, the alarm control panel automatically protect itself, will not damage the alarm control panel;
  2. Battery foolproof design, alarm control panel automatically protect itself if positive and negative are converse; battery low voltage, over discharge protection; battery fault protection (such as charging curve is abnormal, the charging current will be limited);
  3. Zone interface circuit with anti-surge design, resistance to 4KV surge impact;
  4. The alarm control panel shell 24 hours tamper, telephone line anti-cut, anti-short circuit, the alarm control panel automatically alarm at once, AC power off alarm, battery loss, low voltage alarm. AS-V Monitoring Alarm Control Panel NVR module main features:

  • NVR alarm type: motion detect, video blind, video loss, abnormality the users can watch the live video at any time whether an alarm is triggered.
  • It has high compatibility, can access the original analog system DVR equipment, and IP camera.
  • It receives IP camera and other equipment digital video stream, transmit it through the network, and store, manage digital video data to achieve the advantages of distributed architecture brought from the network.
  • It's easy to set up and simple for management.
  • The users can watch, browse, review, manage, store multiple IP cameras at the same time, and it can provide on-site video evidence to police.
  • In addition, the video in the network transmission efficiency is high. Camera in ATM can access the AS-V monitoring alarm control panel, it also can be used independently NVR module of AS-V monitoring  alarm control panel video blind function: When the camera is blocked, it will immediately alarm, alarm mode: screen prompts, write log, cell phone report, send EMAIL, FTP upload

5.4.2 AS-971 Digital Vibration Detector

  • Product Description
  1. AS-971 digital vibration detector adopts the international advanced photoelectric vibration sensing principle, combining the vibration sensor and vibration analyzer, with the CPU processing technology, induces the degree of vibration damage through the vibration of the sound source wavelength and frequency.
  2. It is applicable to various models of ATM automatic teller machines, vaults, and different sizes of safe and other equipment to detect, effectively prevent hit, drill, pry, and other destructive behavior on the equipment. It has been used for the major banks' ATM automatic teller machines and other equipment.
  • Product Features
  1. Using a piezoelectric vibration sensor
  2. Applicable to a variety of environments, especially in the installation of steel, glass, sheet, and other vibration
  3. The transmission coefficient of the larger surface
  4. Sensitivity adjustable
  5. Vibration cumulative alarm effect
  6. Low power consumption
  7. Small size, stable performance, easy installation

5.4.3 AA-55 Door Contact

    Product Indicators

  • Shell material:                         zinc alloy, suitable for iron doors
  • Connection:                             normally open or normally closed
  • Action distance:                      ≥ 40mm
  • Load current:                          100mA
  • Fixed way:                               surface screw paste
  • Size:                                          107 * 20 * 17mm

5.4.4 AA-28B Panic Button

    Product Indicators

  • Material:                                   ABS
  • Connection method:                COM, N / O
  • Rated current:                          300 (mA)
  • Rated voltage (V DC):              250
  • Gross weight (kgs):                  13
  • Quantity (pcs):                          160
  • Packing size (mm):                   370 * 370 * 380

5.4.5 AS-208 8-zone Address Module

  • Description
  1. AS-208 8-zone address module is a zone expansion module possessing the bus communication function for connecting remote alarm detector, access to eight wired zones
  2. Can be used with AS-9000 series alarm control panels, with address code setting switch
  • Main Technical Performance Indicators
  1. Size:                                             13 cm x 8 cm x 2.6 cm  (L x W x D)
  2. Weight:                                         200 grams
  3. Operating temperature:                -10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃; 0-85% humidity
  4. Working voltage:                          DC 10V - 24V
  5. Working current:                          30 mA
  6. Output:                                        12V1A power supply or normally open/closed signal
  7. Zone:                                           Can be connected to normally open/closed alarm detector
  8. Networking function:                   Can be connected with AS-9000 series alarm control panels

5.4.6 AA-1101 Flashing Light

    Product Indicators

  • Standard voltage:                       12V DC
  • Through current:                        200mA
  • Sound pressure index:              115dB
  • Size:                                              122 * 72 * 34mm

5.4.7 AA-626 Siren

    Product Indicators

  • Standard voltage:                       12V DC
  • Sound pressure index:              120dB
  • Ambient noise:                            65dB
  • Distance:                                      30m
  • Size:                                              104 * 106mm

5.4.8 AS-201 Single-zone Address Module

  • Description
  1. AS-201 single-zone address module is a zone expansion module possessing the bus communication function for connecting remote alarm detectors, such as perimeter defense and other occasions
  2. Can be used with AS-9000 series alarm control panels, with address code setting switch
  • Main Technical Performance Indicators
  1. Size:                                               6cm x 1.6cm x 1.0cm (L x W x D)
  2. Weight:                                          10 grams
  3. Operating temperature:                 -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃; 0-85% humidity
  4. Working voltage:                            DC 10V ~ 24V
  5. Working current:                            10 mA
  6. Zone:                                             Can be connected to normally open/closed alarm detector
  7. Networking function:                     Can be connected to the AS-9000 series alarm control panels

5.4.9 AS-211 Single-zone Address Module With Output

  • Description
  1. AS-211 single-zone address module with output is a zone expansion module possessing a bus communication function for connecting remote alarm detectors. In addition, it can output power triggering siren, flashing lights, and other alarm equipment to achieve on-site deterrent directly; or output switch signal triggering the camera and other equipment to achieve video linkage
  2. Can be used with AS-9000 series alarm control panels, with address code setting switch
  • Main Technical Performance Indicators
  1. Size:                                                     6cm x 1.6cm x 1.0cm (L x W x D)
  2. Weight:                                               10 grams
  3. Operating temperature:                 -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃; 0-85% humidity
  4. Working voltage:                              DC 10V - 24V
  5. Working current:                              10 mA
  6. Output:                                              12V1A power supply or normally open/closed signal
  7. Zone:                                                  Can be connected to normally open/closed alarm detector
  8. Networking function:                      Can be connected to the AS-9000 series alarm control panels

5.4.10 AS-ALARM Network Alarm Center Management Software

The alarm monitoring center is the core of the ATM alarm monitoring system, composed of a computer (preferably with an uninterruptible power supply) and network alarm center management software. The network alarm center management software receives the alarm signal from the panel through the computer, and the computer calls the database information, displays the time of the incident, location, category, name, telephone, and the on-site plan on the electronic map. In order to ensure handling alarm information timely and correctly, and the equipment can run for a long time without interruption, the network alarm center management software can easily see the status of each alarm control panel, as well as the status of each zone. Operation is also very convenient, select the panel or zone, right-click to accomplish arm, disarm operation. When any zone alarms, the software will immediately display the detailed information of the alarm location, and can directly pop up the onsite live video.

  • Software description
  1. Applicable to all types of places independent alarm center and small and medium-sized network alarm monitoring center
  2. Support Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 operating system (32 bit and 64 bit)
  3. Support more than 5,000 alarm control panels
  4. Compatible with popular communication protocols such as CSFK, Ademco Contact ID, Ademco 4 + 2 express, etc.
  5. Adopt Microsoft ACCESS database as central user information and alarm information recorded database platform, with fast stable operation characteristics
  6. Real-time automatic classification display alarm information, simple and intuitive operation
  7. Support 6-bit hexadecimal user account, powerful user data management
  8. High security, the system administrator can customize permissions according to a variety of systematics
  9. Powerful statistical reporting functions, comprehensive conditions query and print the required data reports are very convenient, such as user information, event reports, system logs, and handing report, etc.
  10. Multi-level map function, the user can draw their own zone map, set different alarm hotspot icon and whether pop-up next level user map following the alarm message freely

5.4.11 Voice reactor
When someone goes in the door, it plays the voice "welcome". When someone goes out of the door, it plays the voice "Thanks for coming again".

6 Device configuration of Monitoring Alarm System 

6.1 Each ATM alarm device is configured as follows:

1Digital Vibration Detector4Install a digital vibration detector on each side of ATM four sides
2Door Contact1Install a door contact between ATM and the wall
3Panic Button1Install an panic button next to the ATM
4Eight Zone Address Module1Connect to the detection devices

6.2 To each bank 4 ATM as the basis for the budget, each bank ATM monitoring alarm equipment configuration is as follows:

1Monitoring Alarm Control Panel1Alarm and monitoring equipment
2Digital Vibration Detector16Assemble 4 per ATM
3Door Contact4Assemble 1 per ATM
4Panic Button5Assemble 1 per ATM, 1 beside the door
5Eight Zone Address Module4Connect to the detection devices
6Flashing Light1Output device
7Siren1Output device
8Single Zone Address ModuleSomeConnect to the detection devices
9Single Zone Address Module With Output1Connect to the output device
10Network Alarm Center Management Software1Manage monitoring and alarm information
11Voice reactor1Install it above the ATM door
12CameraSomeAccording to the need, can’t exceed the maximum number of NVR module support

7 Video Demo