Network Bank Alarm Monitoring System Solution


1 Overview

The bank is a key security protection unit. It has the characteristics of diverse scales, many important facilities, complicated access personnel, and a wide range of management areas. It is particularly important to improve security protection capabilities, such as the bank alarm monitoring system.

The network alarm system conducts comprehensive security management on the periphery of the bank and inside the building, and the video surveillance system is also an indispensable technical means of security for the bank. The combination of the network alarm system and the video surveillance system, internal intercom system, and other security systems can reduce the work intensity of managers, improve the management quality and management efficiency, and play an important role in the security work of banks.

However, judging from the current status of the technical means used by the security departments of various banks, the network alarm system and the video surveillance system are two separate and self-contained security systems, lacking unified planning and technical coordination between them, and cannot effectively realize network information resource sharing. It has caused a great waste of resources.

The Athenalarm network alarm monitoring system combines the network alarm system with the video surveillance system. After an alarm occurs, the alarm information and on-site video are transmitted to the bank’s alarm monitoring center. The bank’s alarm monitoring center on-duty staff can check and deal with the alarm site without visiting the scene. At the same time, the Athenalarm network alarm monitoring system records on-site video in real-time and retains on-site evidence. In addition, the Athenalarm network alarm monitoring system can carry out multi-level management, and the alarm information can be forwarded to the public security alarm receiving center and other alarm receiving centers at the same time.

2 Design Principles

The design of this solution follows the principles of advanced technology, complete functions, stable performance, and cost-saving.

(1) Advancement

Using the currently advanced software, hardware, and network technology, the error rate is low, the compatibility is strong, and the upgrade is easy; at the same time, the system installation and debugging software programming, and operation should be simple and easy to master.

(2) Economy

According to the existing conditions of the bank, a network bank alarm monitoring system can be built or rebuilt. If the bank’s existing alarm monitoring hardware and network meet the system requirements, it can be directly upgraded to save investment.

(3) Reliability

The Athenalarm alarm control panel and network alarm center management software selected in the solution are products that have been used in similar projects and proved to be adaptable to the environment; the software is powerful, stable, and friendly, and it has a complete set of management Strategy.

(4) Systematic

This solution manages the alarm, monitoring, and other systems through the alarm monitoring center comprehensively, and dynamically knows the alarm and monitoring conditions from time to time, thereby improving the bank's supervision and comprehensive security management level.

3 System Composition and Principle

Athenalarm network alarm monitoring system consists of four parts: burglar alarm system, video surveillance system, network alarm center management software, and alarm monitoring center.

The burglar alarm system consists of two parts: some detectors and a network alarm control panel. The video surveillance system consists of two parts: the acquisition part (camera) and the recording part (NVR/DVR). The network alarm center management software consists of two parts: server and client. The alarm monitoring center consists of three parts: server, computer, and display equipment.

The Athenalarm network alarm monitoring system is equipped with multiple cameras and alarm equipment for the bank’s important office locations and exits at the bank branch. The burglar alarm system enters the alarm state after starting the alarm control panel through the keypad. If someone enters the defense zone illegally, the detector will be triggered, and the system will detect and confirm the alarm signal (it alarms), and send the signal to the alarm control panel, and the alarm control panel sends an alarm to achieve a preventive effect.

At the same time, the alarm control panel sends alarm information to the network alarm center management software. The network alarm center management software displays the alarm information on the display equipment and pops up the live video or the map. The network alarm center management software performs video recording and sends the alarm information to the public security alarm receiving center and other alarm receiving centers.

4 Network Bank Alarm Monitoring System Design

Generally, the original burglar alarm system and video surveillance system of banks are two independent systems, as shown in the following figure:

burglar alarm system and video surveillance system

The Athenalarm network alarm monitoring system combines the burglar alarm system with the video surveillance system, as shown in the figure below:

Single Point Network Alarm Monitoring System

The bank’s original alarm and video surveillance equipment can still be used if it meets the system requirements.

The cameras, alarm control panels, detectors and other equipment at the bank branches collect data in real-time, and can automatically upload alarm data to other alarm receiving centers (superior alarm receiving centers, public security receiving centers, etc.), as shown in the figure below:

Multi-point Multi-level Network Alarm Monitoring Syst

When an alarm occurs at a bank branch, the alarm information can be automatically uploaded to the bank alarm monitoring center through the network, and the bank alarm monitoring center automatically starts the video recording function. At the same time, the large screen of the bank alarm monitoring center will automatically pop up the real-time information associated with this alarm point, such as the video, electronic map, alarm location diagrams, branch name, the person in charge's name, contact phone numbers, etc., and voice prompts to remind relevant personnel.

After receiving the alarm, the staff of the bank alarm monitoring center can check whether the alarm exists or not by viewing the video of the alarm scene. If it does not exist, the alarm can be resolved manually; if the alarm is true, the bank can be notified directly through the relevant information prompted on the large screen and police to be told to handle it.

5 Network Bank Alarm Monitoring System Equipment Selection

(1) AS-ALARM network alarm center management software

(2) AS-9000IP alarm control panel

(3) Sensors

(4) Video surveillance equipment

(5) Output devices

The detector model is equipped according to needs, please refer to Athenalarm burglar alarms for details.

6 Network Alarm Center Management Software

6.1 The Composition of Network Alarm Center Management Software

6.1.1 Server

It is responsible for the management, storage, processing, data flow control, safety certification, and other functions of alarm information and alarm video. It mainly manages various databases of the system, executes operating procedures, data backup, manages the operation of the entire system, as well as the connection with the outside world, the storage of alarm videos, and the processing of alarm information linkage. It requires special personnel to be responsible and set strict permissions to ensure the security of the database.

6.1.2 Client

The bank alarm monitoring center uses the client of the network alarm center management software to pay attention to and process real-time alarm information. At the same time, it applies multi-level electronic maps to the alarm linkage. When an alarm occurs, the video or electronic map pops up at the same time to make the bank alarm monitoring center personnel see the image, they can also quickly locate the scene of the bank branch where the accident occurred and the specific location of the bank branch. They can also check the real-time information and related data of the video surveillance of each bank branch. According to the association of the data, it is easy to query all the relevant data needed from the storage server. Authorized personnel of the bank alarm monitoring center can communicate with the server software through the client software, and modify related content and permissions on the server.

6.2 Network Alarm Center Management Software Features

  • Large user capacity: The software uses a large-scale SQL Server database system, and the capacity of a single database table far exceeds 1 million, which is beneficial to the continuous increase of the number of users.
  • Modular function design: The entire system adopts a modular design, and corresponding function modules can be added according to the functional requirements of different users. Users can easily add functions without destroying the system. According to different management methods, change the application mode of the system to greatly improve work efficiency.
  • Powerful management function: The system management is handled by a special management computer, and the processing function is very powerful. According to processing and management methods, analyze related events and information to complete the work in a timely and effective manner.
  • High system stability: The system data is carried by a dedicated database server and application server, which greatly increases the data capacity and data exchange capacity of the entire system, and greatly improves the stability of the system. This reduces the effort of system maintenance and can handle the center's related work with peace of mind.
  • Multi-level networking is more convenient: TCP/IP network can be used for remote network transmission. The separation of police handling and management and detailed work responsibilities are conducive to unified management.
  • Complete system backup function: It can realize online backup of alarm records, user data, system logs, and other data and restore the backup data. It supports dual-system work and backup. Two servers share data at the same time. When one server stops working, the other server automatically connects to the system and continues to work to ensure the security of the system.
  • Support multiple alarm receiver hardware: dedicated modem, alarm receiving card, professional alarm receiver from multiple mainstream manufacturers, especially good at network alarm receiving.
  • Super compatibility: compatible with multiple communication formats alarm control panel: It can receive information reported by the alarm control panel produced by major equipment manufacturers on the market, and is compatible with multiple communication formats such as C&K CFSK III, ADEMCO Contact ID, ADEMCO 4+2 Express, etc.
  • Support multiple video equipment: The software supports many well-known video equipment on the market, including Hikvision, Dahua, EZVIZ, IMOU, Univision, etc.
  • Strong security: The level of operators in this software has multiple levels such as system administrator and operator (custom level). Each operator can operate different data content, which can realize the separation of tasks.

6.3 Network Alarm Center Management Software Functions

  • Map function: The map function is to use the Baidu map and bitmap to represent the user's defense zone map. The alarm control panel and defense zone’s alarm hotspots can be marked on the Baidu map. The defense zone map can mark the user's subsystems and defense zone’s alarm hotspots on the map to realize the corresponding defense zone hotspots after the alarm. It flashes to remind the user of the specific alarm location, which is convenient for the police to deal with in time.
  • Video linkage function: The software can link the defense zone with the video. When an alarm occurs in the defense zone, the real-time video of the corresponding defense zone will automatically pop up, and it can be recorded and played back.
  • User event query and statistics function: It has a powerful statistical report function, and uses the method of comprehensive condition query to find the required data report.
  • User data management function: add new user, modify user, load user, user query, user sort, delete user, and list printing.
  • Export function: The alarm control panel event report, user list, and user information, alarm handling documents, etc. can be converted into text, WORD, EXCEL files for re-editing, which realizes the diversity of data, and is conducive to the archiving of data. It can also be set according to the user statistical printing of the restriction conditions.
  • Operator record management: It is mainly the management functions of adding, editing, and authority setting to operators.
  • Database management: The database management function is the operation of data backup, restoration, and sorting.
  • Multiple alarm control panel type management: The diversity of alarm control panel types is enhanced. The alarm center for unified control of multiple alarm control panels can customize the type of the user's front-end control alarm control panel, and the alarm control panel classification is more detailed and the query is more convenient.
  • Custom coding scheme: You can set a custom decoding scheme for the communication protocol 4+2 and the CONTACT ID communication protocol, and edit and delete the newly added scheme.
  • Unique remote programming and grasping function: mainly for Honeywell 2300 series alarm control panel.
  • Alarm forwarding function: In order to communicate with other alarm centers, the Alarm7.0 alarm receiving system is equipped with the function of forwarding report information via telephone and IP.
  • Caller ID: It can be used to query telephone line problems. It is conducive to the detection of malicious or unintentional blocking of the communication of the alarm center, and the locking of users who have failed in communication, incomplete information, and changed data. However, corresponding access equipment (multifunctional alarm receiving card) is required to assist in completion.
  • Extended upgrade function: convenient secondary development, Alarm7.0 alarm receiving system provides an open database system with DDE and Socket interfaces, which is conducive to the secondary development of users, and can also customize a specific version according to customer needs.

7 Network Bank Alarm Monitoring System Debug

7.1 Burglar Alarm System

(1) Check the installation angle and detection range of the detector, and conduct a walk test (the walk indicator should be turned off after the walk test), and check whether there are blind areas in the warning range formed by the outdoor perimeter alarm detection device.

(2) Check the independent tamper protection function of the detector.

(3) Check the self-check function, programming function, arming and disarming, and bypass functions of the burglar alarm control panel, as well as the sound and light display and recording function when an alarm occurs.

(4) When there is an alarm linkage requirement, check the linkage function of the corresponding lights, cameras, video recorders, and other related equipment after the alarm.

(5) Check the network interface between the system and the computer integrated system, and the system's centralized management and control of the burglar alarms.

7.2 System linkage

(1) Debug hardware and software to normal state;

(2) The input of each subsystem can be input in the bank alarm monitoring system;

(3) The output of each subsystem can be output in the bank alarm monitoring system, and its display and recording can reflect the correlation between each subsystem.

8 Conclusion

This solution can be integrated into the network, controlled by different levels, and easy to operate. The user activates the arming function on the software. If someone enters illegally, the alarm information and video are uploaded to the bank alarm monitoring center, after the detector detects the relevant situation, and the bank alarm monitoring center staff immediately responds to the alarm and grasps the dynamics of the location and on-site situation through real-time video. timely lock the scope of activities of illegal intruders, and deal with them in a timely and accurate manner.

At the same time, the bank’s original alarm and monitoring systems have been integrated to avoid repeated construction and repeated investment, and provide multiple insurances for bank branch security, so that technology can be used to replace manual defenses with greater confidence.

The implementation of this solution will play a positive role in promoting the bank's automated management, security technology prevention, and internal security status.

9 Video Demo - Network Alarm Monitoring System