Network Hotel Alarm System Solution



With the development of the tourism industry and frequent international exchanges, it has greatly stimulated the development of the hotel industry. The large flow of people and the complex social background are the most typical characteristics of the hotel, which makes the hotel not only need to improve the quality of service but also pay close attention to how to protect the safety of consumer groups and the hotel itself. Guests have higher and higher requirements for the safety of hotels. The hotel alarm system becomes more and more important.

System Composition

The hotel alarm system of this solution consists of an alarm control panel and various front-end detectors.

Front-end detectors can be divided into door contacts, PIR sensors, glass break detectors, gas detectors, smoke detectors, panic buttons, etc., through the centralized management and operation control of the burglar alarm control panel, such as arming, disarming, etc.

The system can also be linked with the monitoring system to form three-dimensional comprehensive protection combining point and surface by the network alarm center management software. All control is concentrated in the alarm monitoring center for management, and a sub-control center can be set up to facilitate regional management.

Main Functions of the Hotel Alarm System

  1. To protect the life safety of personnel: if someone intrudes illegally, or when a person has an emergency situation, the detector can send an alarm signal to the alarm control panel, and the person who finds the situation can also activate the panic button nearby to send an alarm signal to the alarm control panel and the system alarms.
  2. Guarantee the safety of property: In case of emergencies such as gas leakage or fire, gas detectors, and smoke detectors will send alarm signals to the alarm control panel and the system alarms.
  3. Keep video records: the monitoring system records all the video images of the hotel and saves them for inspection

Main Features of the Hotel Alarm System

  • The alarm monitoring center can be programmed through the keypad, can set the arm and disarm passwords, can display the alarm position, and can set group bypass, single bypass, and entry or exit delay functions for different defense zones according to needs.
  • The system can arbitrarily fortify or disarm according to time, area, and location, display and record the alarm location and related alarm data in real-time, and start the corresponding linkage control as agreed.
  • The system has an anti-vandalism function and can alarm even when the alarm line is cut off or the alarm probe is destroyed.
  • By setting up various types of detectors in important rooms, a multi-level and all-around security intrusion alarm system is formed. As long as someone breaks in illegally, the corresponding detector will be triggered when an emergency occurs, a fire in a hotel room, a gas leak, etc., and the alarm control panel will immediately alarm. On the one hand, the system will automatically transmit the alarm signal to the alarm monitoring center, and the staff on duty can determine the alarm location through the defense zone information, electronic maps, etc.; on the other hand, it can also remind the staff on duty in the form of sound and light alarms.
  • When an alarm occurs, the system can automatically pop up the on-site video or alarm electronic map on the display of the alarm monitoring center, and start the hard disk video equipment for recording.

Alarm Products Selection

In the choice of hotel alarm products, suitable products should be selected according to the use environment and occasion. Each product has its own performance and characteristics. It is necessary to fully understand the specific conditions of the equipment use environment, understand the performance characteristics of the equipment, and select suitable products according to the specific conditions.

System Installation

Install an appropriate alarm and monitoring equipment according to the needs of different locations.

Detectors are mainly installed in guest rooms, kitchens, swimming pools, gyms, etc., according to needs, install door contacts, PIR sensors, glass break detectors, gas detectors, smoke detectors, panic buttons, and other detectors

The main monitoring points are the entrances and exits on the ground floor, the important places in the hotel, the distribution room, the financial room, the warehouse area, the reception desk, the general cashier's office, the cashier's office, the foreign currency exchange office, the financial cashier's office, the storage of valuables, small luggage storage, and other locations.