Network Store Alarm System Solution



Stores and chain stores are the mainstream of mass shopping in today's society, but their security is different from the unified management security of large shopping malls. Because of their widespread and lack of security measures, stores and chain stores are often patronized by criminals, causing major property losses to businesses and severely disrupting the public security environment. Merchants all hope to establish an effective store alarm system so that their stores will never be stolen, and hope to spend the least amount of money to achieve this goal.

To solve this problem, in addition to human defense and physical defense (that is, physical defense, such as fences, gates, etc.), the most effective way is to increase technological defenses. The task of the network store alarm system is to provide day and night security technical security services for stores, chain stores, etc., through the alarm network, comprehensively integrate human defense and technical defense, to prevent and reduce theft, robbery, and other cases and accidents to the greatest extent, and to protect property and the safety of life.

The network store alarm system can also be used in government departments, enterprises, households, shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale markets, financial units, schools, prisons, factories, warehouses, and other places.

Network Store Alarm Functions

All store alarm systems are connected to the alarm monitoring center. When a criminal enters a store, the store alarm system activates the spotlights and the siren sounds when criminals enter the room, which will intimidate the criminals. At the same time, the alarm monitoring center sounded an alarm, and the staff directly saw all the images of the criminal in the shop on the computer screen of the alarm monitoring center and dealt with it immediately. The network alarm center management software can also automatically pop up the live video, and record the live video on the local computer as evidence. Its main functions and features are as follows:

  • Automatic alarm immediately: the store will alarm on-site, and the alarm information will be sent to the alarm monitoring center, store management personnel, and other alarm centers and personnel immediately.
  • Video linkage: displays live video and automatically records.
  • Complete alarm information: displays the specific location map of the alarm point, alarm type, shop name, and other information.
  • Multi-person receiving alarm calls: can set up multiple alarm calls to handle the alarm in time.
  • Save manpower: can actively query the monitoring area, reduce the number of daily inspections, and save the manpower and material resources of daily management.
  • Low cost: The alarm system and monitoring system are connected to the alarm monitoring center through the Internet or 4G network, the overall cost is low, the communication fee is low, and the subsequent maintenance is simple.

Solution Design

The network store alarm system is composed of user equipment, communication channel, alarm monitoring center equipment, and other auxiliary equipment.

1. User equipment and its function:

The user equipment mainly includes a network alarm control panel, PIR sensors, beam sensors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors, door contacts, panic buttons, and other wired and wireless accessories.

(1) The network alarm control panel has two states: armed alert state and disarmed standby state; it can receive alarm signals sent by the detector device (through wired and wireless methods), and the network alarm control panel will automatically send alarm report and alarm information, arm and disarm status information to the alarm monitoring center through the public telephone network, 4G network or Internet in the armed state.

(2) The PIR sensor is divided into two types: curtain and wide-angle. It will find moving objects (with thermal radiation) within the detection range and send electronic signals to the alarm control panel. When there is no one in the protection range and the alarm control panel is in the armed state, once someone intrudes illegally, the PIR sensor will immediately find and send an alarm signal to the alarm control panel, and the alarm control panel sends an alarm report to the alarm monitoring center to prevent criminals from intruding. The guard range of the curtain sensor is a plane, generally used to guard against windows and other planes. The guard range of the wide-angle sensor is a space.

(3) The door contact is installed on the upper window of the door. When the door or window is opened illegally in the armed state, it will cause the status of the door contact to change and alarm.

(4) Panic button: The panic button is equivalent to a switch, which is used to change the state of the alarm circuit to achieve the purpose of alarming. It is simple, convenient, and effective to use. Financial units, supermarkets, enterprises, and institutions can quickly get timely assistance from the alarm monitoring center in the event of a robbery.

2. Channel and its role

The network store alarm system transmits information through the network, with stable performance and timely and reliable transmission of alarm information. It is also a more mature networking method that is used today. It mainly acts as a medium, integrating the alarm monitoring center with the terminal alarm control panel, so that the alarm monitoring center can receive the information reported by the user equipment in a timely and accurate manner and complete the operation of the entire system.

There are many ways of transmission and networking of the network alarm system: public landing telephone network, GSM wireless network, 4G wireless network, Internet broadband network. The appropriate networking method can be selected according to actual conditions and requirements, and the market.

3. Alarm monitoring center equipment and its functions

The alarm monitoring center has an alarm server computer, a client computer, a set of external speakers, and a number of alarm phones, which are responsible for receiving, recording, processing, and displaying various information reports of the user network alarm equipment.

The core part of the alarm monitoring center is the network alarm center management software, which determines the basic functions of the center. At the same time, the selection of the alarm server, network burglar alarm control panel, burglar alarm accessories, and other equipment also affects the overall performance of the center. The network alarm center management software uses an intelligent management platform and has powerful management functions. In addition to relevant data statistics and printing according to needs, it also has functions such as electronic map display and urging customers to pay.

For the basic performance of the network alarm center management software, please see: AS-ALARM networked alarm center management software introduction.

4. Other auxiliary equipment and their functions

Monitoring equipment: View live video in real-time and save the video as evidence on site.

Alarm linkage equipment (spotlights, siren, etc.): to intimidate criminals, and remind security personnel of an alarm situation.

Work Process of The Alarm Monitoring Center

After the network alarm center management software receives the alarm information, it will pop up the alarm information in the display window and send out the detailed information of the alarming customer. The linkage video can see the live video of the terminal customer’s surroundings and notify the alarm monitoring center personnel in the form of sound, light, etc. while displaying the location of the alarming user on the map.

The alarm monitoring center decides whether to support or perform some other processing according to the danger level of the alarm unit or the actual situation; the alarm monitoring center mobilizes nearby security forces to support.