Network Alarm Monitoring System Application
(Cloud-based Integrated Security System)

Intrusion Alarm System with Video Verification

Suitable for setting up an alarm monitoring center for centralized network security management, such as security companies, banks (ATM), chain stores, franchise stores, large companies, office buildings, commercials, hotels, factories, hospitals, nursing homes, communities, residential, villas, outdoor computer/engine rooms, unattended stations, etc.

Video Demo

Remark: Athenalarm network alarm monitoring system can be run in the WAN (such as internet, etc.), LAN, 4G (mobile communication). The demo video of the system was run in the LAN.

Network alarm monitoring system Main Functions

It integrates the intrusion alarm system and the monitoring system in one solution. It links previously separated intrusion alarm systems and monitoring systems (CCTV) together in the cloud platform via TCP/IP or 4G. The high sensitivity transmission and powerful functions make this ideal for setting up an alarm monitoring center for centralized network security management. Its main functions are as follows:

  •  Intruder verification function: Verify alarms with real-time video when an event happens. The real-time video of the linked channel can be automatically popped up and recorded when any alarm control panels alarm. Through this high-quality cloud-based network alarm monitoring system, users can watch the live video to know what’s really happening for the first time.
  • Storing video function: The video clip of the alarming moment will be streamed and stored safely on the server of the platform. The recorded video can be watched at any time. It provides high-quality video clips as evidence, making it easier to apprehend a suspected intruder and recover losses.
  • Map function: The map can pop up automatically when an event happens.
  • Remote control: The users can arm, disarm and monitor the alarm control panels at the alarm monitoring center remotely.
  • Alarm prompt: When the system alarms, all logged-in clients will issue a message prompt and an alarm sound.
  • Faster decision-making: By sending live video in real-time, the system allows users to verify the trigger of the alarm immediately. In turn, this enables a response team or emergency services to be dispatched to the scene very quickly if necessary.
  • Supports many brands of monitoring equipment: It supports the Athenalarm AS-9000 series alarm control panels and many brands of monitoring equipment (DVR / NVR / IPCAM), such as HIKVISION, DAHUA, XM, etc.
IP Based integrated network alarm monitoring system
IP-Based integrated network alarm monitoring system
IP-Based integrated network alarm monitoring system

Network Alarm Monitoring System Working Principle


It consists of 3 parts:

  • Alarm software: The AS-ALARM network alarm center management software is used as the management system of the alarm monitoring center. The alarm software is divided into two parts, the server and the client. The server of the alarm software must be installed on Windows server 2008 or Windows server 2012 (users can build or rent the server); the client of the alarm software can be installed on any Windows OS personal computer connected to the Internet.
  • Alarm system: Adopts Athenalarm AS-9000 series alarm control panels, detection devices, linkage devices and other devices.
  • Monitoring system: The monitoring products compatible with the alarm software can be used (such as HIKVISION DAHUA, XM, and other brand monitoring products).

Structure Schematic Diagram


Working Mode

The alarm monitoring center monitors the state of the alarm control panels, the zones, and the monitoring system by the alarm software through the internet or LAN in real-time. When any alarm control panels alarm, the alarm signal is transmitted to the server of the alarm software. At the meantime, the client receives the alarm signal from the server, it will issue a message prompt and an alarm sound. The linked live-video, global map, or user map will be popped up automatically on the screen of the client's PC.



Single Point Network Alarm Monitoring System


Multi-point Network Alarm Monitoring System

Multi-point Multi-level

Multi-point Multi-level Network Alarm Monitoring Syst

Diagram of TCP/IP Network Alarm Monitoring System

----Used via the internet

It is suitable for chain stores, franchise stores, companies, and other places with headquarters to monitor. And it is also suitable for the large place applying the network perimeter alarm system.

Athenalarm network alarm monitoring diagram
Athenalarm network alarm monitoring diagram
Athenalarm network alarm monitoring diagram

----Used via the internal LAN

It is suitable for offices, large companies, and other places where the securities are on duty.

Athenalarm network alarm monitoring diagram
Athenalarm network alarm monitoring diagram

Diagram of 4G Network Alarm Monitoring System

It is suitable for outdoor computer/engine rooms, unattended stations, and the places where the substations, transformers, etc. are installed.

Athenalarm network alarm monitoring diagram
Athenalarm network alarm monitoring diagram

Network Alarm Monitoring System Application Scenarios


Exhibition Board

Exhibition Board 1
Exhibition Board 2
Exhibition Board 3

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