Network Alarm System Diagram

Network Alarm Monitoring System Solution

  • Multiple communication modules: Communication capability is the key to a network alarm system. The solution design uses the 4G network module and TCP/IP network module (4G & TCP/IP alarm control panel), so that the front-end alarm control panel has increased the ability to alarm through local and wide area networks on the basis of conventional landing telephone alarms, and has dual-network or even triple-network communication functions, so that the system communicating the environment is more adaptable, which greatly improves the overall safety and reliability.
  • Software: The alarm center's Alarm7.0 network alarm center management software has an open data channel, which can exchange data with other security subsystems on the center local area network to realize the integrated linkage of the center software at different levels.
  • Video linkage: The system has added linkage functions with mainstream video servers, enabling the user-side alarm system and video surveillance system to achieve rich multi-point programming linkage, greatly increasing the system's functional characteristics and overall integration capabilities.

Network Bank Alarm Monitoring System Solution

  • Combines the network alarm system with the video monitoring system
  • Automatically pop up the real-time information associated with this alarm point
  • Can carry out multi-level management

Network Community Alarm System Solution

  • AS-ALARM network alarm center management software as the carrier
  • Through the telephone line or TCP/IP network
  • Automatically pop up the real-time video
  • Easy to expand, simple, stable, and reliable construction

Network House Alarm System Solution

  • Immediately call the police and call the owner
  • Monitor everything outside in the house
  • Real-time linkage of alarm monitoring and recording can be saved
  • Monitor in the alarm monitoring center through the Internet

Network Hotel Alarm System Solution

  • To protect the life safety of personnel: someone intrudes illegally, etc., the system alarms
  • Guarantee the safety of property: In case of emergencies, the system alarms
  • Keep video records: records all the video images

Network Store Alarm System Solution

  • Store, alarm monitoring center automatic alarm immediately
  • Displays live video and automatically records
  • Displays specific information
  • Set up multiple alarm calls
  • Actively query the monitoring area
  • Through the Internet or 4G

Network Perimeter Alarm System Solution

  • Linked with the monitoring system
  • Automatically alarm and display the alarm area
  • Automatically record the alarm
  • Automatically forward the alarm information
  • Observe and record the actual situation
  • Athenalarm network alarm monitoring system integrates the intrusion alarm system and the monitoring system in one solution. It links previously separated intrusion alarm systems and monitoring systems (CCTV) together in one platform.
  • Intruder Verification Function: Verify alarms with real-time video when an event happens. The live video can pop up automatically and be recorded when the alarm control panel alarms. Through this high-quality IP-based network alarm monitoring system solution, users can watch the live video to know what’s really happening for the first time.
  • Alarm prompt function: When the system alarms, all logged-in clients will issue a message prompt and an alarm sound.
  • Storing Video function: The video clip of the alarming moment will be streamed and stored safely on the server of the platform. The recorded video can be watched at any time. It provides high-quality video clips as evidence, making it easier to apprehend a suspected intruder and recover losses.
  • Map function: The map can pop up automatically when an event happens.
  • Remote control: The users can arm, disarm and monitor the alarm control panels at the alarm monitoring center remotely.
  • Faster decision-making: By sending live video in real-time, the system allows users to verify the trigger of the alarm immediately. In turn, this enables a response team or emergency services to be dispatched to the scene very quickly if necessary.
  • It is suitable for setting up an alarm monitoring center for centralized management. The high sensitivity transmission and powerful functions for security make this ideal for security companies, banks, residential, villas, communities, commercials, hotels, chain stores, office buildings, factories, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.
  • It supports the Athenalarm AS-9000 series alarm control panels and many brands of monitoring equipment (DVR / NVR / IPCAM), such as Hikvision, DAHUA, XM, etc.

Note: According to our customers' requirements, Athenalarm has been designing professional comprehensive network burglar alarm system solutions and manufacturing burglar alarms to meet their specific needs for over 10 years. Our customers include banks, schools, houses, stores, factories, warehouses, airports, zoos, governments, and intelligence communities, among others.

Athenalarm AS-9000 alarm control panel supports 16 wired and 30 wireless zones onboard. It adopts an advanced 32-bit ARM microprocessor. This guarantees high integration, high reliability, and a variety of flexible interfaces.

It can store 6 groups of alarm telephone numbers and at the same time two groups' center numbers (e.g., the public security bureau 911 turning center). It can upload alarm information through PSTN, 4G, TCP/IP communication networks.

The alarm control panel is suitable for families, residential quarters, villas, commercial auxiliary networking, the financial system, authority institutions, industrial parks, schools, libraries, hospitals, and many other areas.

Athenalarm alarm control panel
Infrared Sensor

Athenalarm sincerely holds the tenet of “quality first, customers supreme” in mind. We produce a variety of alarm products to meet the demands of different customers. Adopting advanced equipment with solid techniques, our high-quality products are strictly tested before being put into the market. Furthermore, Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

Electric security fence is the first line of defense in security system, but also the most important of a line of defense, set blocking, deterrence and alarm triple function in one of the latest perimeter security equipment, give pulse shock to the intruder(low energy, not causing harm to the person) to deter the intruder, shake its climbing fence motive, delay the invasion time, achieve the purpose of blocking, and sent the intrusion signal to the alarm center, reduce the incidence rate.

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