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Timer Alarm

Timer Alarm

Type: AS-Z1060


Related: AS-Z1070 Timer Alarm

Technical Parameters

  • Power supply:                         85-110% Rated voltage
  • AC:                                             110V 220V 380V
  • Delay control accuracy:         ≤ 0.3%              ± 0.05 seconds
  • Contact capacity:                    AC220V 5A       DC30V 5A (resistive)
  • Mechanical life:                       ≥107 times
  • Electrical life:                           ≥105 times
  • Ambient temperature:          -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
  • Power:                                      ≤ 5 watts
  • Alarm sound:                          90 dB


  • Pre-set delay value, and then connect power.
  • When preset is completed, panel should be covered with a protective cover to avoid touching the DIP switch resulting in malfunction.
  • If driving large current, it should be used in conjunction with AC contactor.
  • To reset and suspend the wires, use shielded wires.
  • It's forbidden adding external voltage when when pause and reset.
  • It should be used in the non-corrosive gases, dust and exposure, rain, frozen, fumes, erosion occasions.
  • This product can be significant, positive count, count down.

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