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Wireless Infrared Curtain Sensor

Wireless Infrared Curtain Sensor

Type: AS-912W


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  • Dual passive infrared detection technology
  • Bipolar pulse count adjustable
  • Can accurately distinguish the signal between the intrusion and users indoor mistakenly trigger
  • Real-time analysis of the induction information, can accurately identify the human intrusion signal, distinguish between the intrusion direction and interference signal, thereby greatly reduce the incidence of false positives
  • Professional Fresnel optical precision lens, can improve the detector signal capture ability
  • Microprocessor technology
  • Low voltage alarm
  • Standby low power consumption
  • Real temperature compensation circuit
  • Supporting dedicated universal stent
  • Wall / corner / ceiling installation
  • Elegant, beautiful and generous

Technical Indicators

  • Voltage supply:                                              3V lithium battery
  • Working current:                                          <50uA (alert)     <22mA (alarm)
  • Detection method:                                       dual passive infrared
  • Passive infrared viewport:                          professional Fresnel optical lens
  • Detection response speed:                        0.3 m / s to 3 m / s
  • Temperature compensation:                     true temperature compensation technology
  • Alarm output:                                               wireless signal
  • Communication frequency:                       433.92MHz
  • Detection range:                                          8 meters X0.6 meters (curtain detection mode)
  • Anti-radio frequency interference:           22V / m, 10MHz ~ 1,000MHz
  • Application environment:                          0 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
  • Relative humidity:                                       5% to 95%
  • Dimension:                                                  105mmX58mmX38mm
Wireless Infrared Curtain Sensor 1
Wireless Infrared Curtain Sensor 2

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