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Infrared Curtain Sensor

Infrared Curtain Sensor

Type: AS-909


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AS-909 infrared curtain sensor is suitable for security precautions in balconies, windows, doors, corridors, etc. The circuit has anti-radio frequency interference, automatic temperature compensation, and pulse counting etc. functions. It has a beautiful and smooth appearance, which can be mounted on the ceiling or wall. An alarm can be generated by a quick response to human invasion. Choosing the appropriate installation method can prevent pets.


  • A variety of installation options
  • Anti – white light interference
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Anti - EMI / RFI interference
  • Small and beautiful appearance

Technical Indicators

  • Working voltage:                    DC 9~16V
  • Current consumption:           ≤20mA (DC 12V)
  • Working temperature:          -10 °C ~ +50 °C (14°F ~ 122°F)
  • Sensing Type:                         Dual Low Noise Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor
  • Installation method:             Wall or ceiling
  • Installation height:                3.6m or less
  • Detection distance:               6m
  • Detection angle:                    15°
  • Pulse counting:                     Level 1 (1p), Level 2 (2p), Level 3 (3p) optional
  • Anti-tamper switch:             Normally closed no voltage output, contact capacity 28VDC, 100mA
  • Relay output:                        Normally closed no voltage output, contact capacity 28VDC, 80mA
  • Dimension:                            80*34.5*28mm
Infrared Curtain Sensor 2

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