Two Ways Bus Repeater

Two Ways Bus Repeater

Type: AS-1202


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AS-1202 two ways bus repeater 485HUB is the RS-485 bus segment concentrator designed to solve RS-485 large system requirements in the complex electromagnetic environment.

  • In order to ensure the safe and reliable of data communication, RS-485 interface port adopt optoelectronic isolation technology to prevent lightning surge damage conversion board and equipment;
  • Built-in optoelectronic isolator and 600W surge protection circuit, can provide isolation voltage of 3500V, can Suppress lightning and ESD effectively, can prevent lightning and common interference effectively at the same time;
  • AS-1202 two ways bus repeater 485HUB can easily improve the RS-485 bus structure, network segmentation, improve communication reliability;
  • When lightning or equipment failure occurs, the problematic network segment will be isolated to ensure the reliability of other network segments; shorten the network maintenance time effectively.

Product Function

  • Convert 1-way RS485 signal to 2 ways RS485 signals.

Product Features

  • RS-485 bus structure can be easily improved, segmented network, improve communication reliability
  • Can adapt to the complex electromagnetic environment
  • The use of optoelectronic isolation technology to prevent the damage of lightning surge conversion board and equipment
    can be used in cascade, support star type wiring

AS-1202  two ways bus repeater is used to signal isolation and increase the busload capacity, it will convert one incoming channel into two outlet channels; any channel signal from two outlet channels short circuit will not affect the other Outlet channel; each outlet channel can take 1 to 120 bus devices, each outlet channel communication distance can reach 1200 meters.

Using Range

  • The distance between the AS-9000 series alarm control panel and alarm equipment is more than 1200 meters.
  • The bus connecting alarm control panel and alarm device is too thin, it can add AS-1202 to increase drive capability.
  • When more than two buses are returned to the alarm control panel, the AS-1202 should be added to support star type wiring.

Main Technical Performance Indicators

  • RS-485 data flow control:          automatically
  • The baud rate:                            330 bps to 115.2 Kbps
  • Surge protection:                       3500V ESD
  • Lightning protection:                 600W per line
  • Transmission distance:             0 ~ 1200 meters
  • Operating temperature:           0 ~ 70 ℃
  • Storage temperature:               -20 ℃ ~ 75 ℃
  • Operating humidity:                 5 ~ 95% RH
  • Input voltage:                            12V DC
  • Voltage power:                          80mA (terminal resistance disabled)
  • Size:                                            12.5 × 60.0 × 26.0 (L × W × D) (Unit: mm)

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