Tension Electronic Fence

Tension Electronic Fence

Type: TEF-100


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1 Brief introduction of tension electronic fence system

The tension electronic fence is a collection device of mechanical and electrical that prevent the physical obstacle and the intrusion of climbing, tension and break. It is a new type of perimeter intrusion prevention and alarming facilitiy. It is a "tangible" alarm system, giving the invaders "visible" deterrent, so that it produces psychological pressureto  the invaders. It combine the alarm and alert function organically to achieve the main purpose of defense, with the purpose of prevention and alarm. After the installation of the system, it equal to form a "visible" electronic barrier on the top of the wall , increase the height of the wall, so that intruders can not invade or escape from inside and outside the wall easily.

2 Main features of electronic fence system

  • Control rods and wire rope and other mechanical parts are not charged, the intruder will not be human injury
  • Prevention of birds, small animals, leaves, small branches and other interference cause false positives
  • Alarm when wire rope relax, cutted
  • Control lever with tamper alarm function, alarm signal sent out if the control lever cover opened

3 Front-end components of tension electronic fence

Tension electronic fence is composed by two parts the front-end fence and tension detection rod . Mainly include: tension probe rod, terminal rod, middle rod, wire rope, beam line, warning signs, fixed pieces, others.

Tension Electronic Fence 1

4 Tension electronic fence typical configuration

Tension electronic fence installation diagram is as follows:

Tension Electronic Fence 2

5 Tension lever features

  • Can be independent arming, disarming
  • Stable performance, long life
  • Able to detect tiny tension changes, real-time security monitoring perimeter
  • Cable tension, relaxation, cutting, tampering, power off, etc can make alarm output
  • Track the tension error caused by the compensation for environmental temperature changes automatically
  • Wide range of voltage supply, widening the electronic fence length of continuous installation
  • Integrated design of tension module and controller, so that the installation is more convenient and simple

6 WeChat, mobile phone APP control electric security fence system

Pulse Electric Security Fence 19

Controled By WeChat

Pulse Electric Security Fence 20

Controled By APP

Athenalarm tension electronic fence system fully support WeChat, mobile phone APP remote arming, disarming, especially for villa security. It support wired network, mobile phone card GSM / GPRS. It is more convenient and more intelligent.

More technical knowledge about TEF-100 tension electronic fence, please visit FAQ.

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