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Smart Home Alarm System

Smart Home Alarm System

Type: AS-8110A-TZ


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  • Eight wireless programmable zones;
  • ADEMCO4 + 2 communication;
  • Alarm center, telephone, local alarm number triple alarm mode;
  • Arming, perimeter arming, single zone arming, delay arming, remote arming five arming settings;
  • Password keyboard disarm, wireless remote disarm, remote disarm, alarm disarm four disarming settings;
  • Can dial 6 groups of telephone numbers 1 group center number, with recording, monitoring, remote control, zone type, telephone line detection and related parameters through the integration of the keyboard set as needed.

Standard configuration:

  • Two remote control, a magnetic door set, an infrared detector, a siren, a power supply.
  • Increase the rechargeable power supply, it can work 24 hours after power off.

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