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Security Intelligent Integrated Platform

Security Intelligent Integrated Platform

Type: AS-S9


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Function Introduction

Security intelligent integrated platform, a comprehensive security management system platform, manages each subsystem of security, such as alarm, entrance guard, video and other subsystems and also controls and links each subsystem correspondingly. It is suitable in the fields such as building, museum, prison, electric power, finance, education, traffic, manufacture, etc. It has wide mainstream manufacturers in support of each subsystem with flexible integrated interface.

Software Features

  • Friendly and humanized operation interface can support the modification of the skin, all pictures and status icon. Data browsing follows the color of the status.
  • User-defined status display effect
  • The alarm system realizes the delayed arming of intelligent detection and early withdrawal through withdrawal plan and more efficient management mode.
  • It contains rich subsystem, which can further enhance new subsystem with excellent expansibility.
  • Powerful platform cascade mechanism. The platform can realize the networking of all devices and upward and downward unlimited sharing among platform. It can realize first ground connection and visit at any place. It can provide secure sharing access mechanism and meet the high demand of multilevel platform integration, especially multilevel management use in converting station, prison, government sector and Group Company.
  • Multilevel electronic map and data board and humanized presentation point. The rich and flexible map management function can directly control data point and linkage system on the map and data board. It can place the data point of the third party system into the platform map and solute third party system with no electronic map and map function inflexibility.
  • Flexible event auto processing mechanism can have auto processing scheme for any trigger point configuration except for unified automatic processing configuration.
  • Powerful event program mechanism can provide scientific, effective and standardized guidance.
  • Open and perfect integrated interface can open the platform function to the third party. It can control all except the data with secure identity verification and authority binding.
  • Multi language version. It can translate the dictionary file for localization of any language version.
  • It can support MSSQL and other large external database, meet mass memory and enhance the
    stability of system database.
  • The web edition seat belt has software upgrade tool. The software upgrade can reset server software and seat belt can upgrade software automatically.
  • It can support TTS to make the event sound hints to except traditional sound file. It can also use TTS to make the text into auto sound hints. It can provide rich and flexible sound hints to make work more efficient.
  • Computer monitoring module can monitor the operation status of computer in the entire system and synchronize platform system time to all monitoring computer. We should check whether the computer time is synchronous to platform to guarantee the time of the entire system is consistent.

Integrated Subsystem

Alarm System
Professional security alarm system can receive the alarm and control alarm host computer. It can support Athenalarm AS-9000(S), 4140, Vista120, Vista 50, Vista 250, IP2000, Honeywell IPM, DS7400, DSC, DSC4401, DSC5401, GE-NX, RISCO, EMB NAM, SELCO, IP7400, YJT, BM1600 and other large scale alarm host computer or network module.
Patrol System
Entrance guard card online patrol system can define the card reader to patrol point. We can use the entrance guard card for patrol.
Entrance Guard System
Integrated professional entrance guard system can receive entrance guard status and event. It can open the door, close the door or lock, support DDS, Kantech, Tyco CEM, Han Army, Coson, Axiom, D-cube, Wiegand, TESAN and other entrance guard system.
Parking Lot System
Integrated professional parking lot system can receive gateway status and event, control gate opening and switching off, support Peake and other parking lot system.
Matrix System
Integrated professional matrix host computer can carry out matrix switch, preset position, cloud terrace control, support AB, AD, ADNet, ADT, Bosch matrix, Kalatel, Max1000, Pelco, TC8800, KEDACOM, AEBELL, Mainvan, digital video matrix and other matrix system.
Video System
Integrated professional video system can send linkage cmd to video system for video approval and support H3C, Hangzhou Techsion, Huawei and other standardized video integration.
Electronic Fence System
Integrated professional electronic fence host computer can receive alarm and have corresponding setup of host computer. It can support Steer and other electronic fence host computer.
Fire Control System
Integrated professional fire control host computer can receive fire alarm and support Notifier and other fire control host computer.
Intercom System
Integrated intercom system can receive intercom event, call out and hang up. It can support Lonbon intercom system.
Linkage Output Point
The output point on the control output point can carry out opening, closing and flash control and support BOSCH DSR32, EMB NAM, SELCO, IP7400, YJT and other Linkage board.
Other System
It can integrate other system extensively, such as BMS and provide common integration mode.

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