security alarm panel

Security Alarm Panel

Type: AS-9000G


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Easy To Use

  • LCD operation keypad, menu programming, human-computer interaction interface, query host status, alarm information all Chinese display;
  • Arming / disarming voice prompts, alarm information telephone voice broadcast, abnormal zone automatic bypass and voice broadcast when arming;
  • A variety way of arm / disarm: keypad, remote control, WeChat, mobile APP;
  • 8 wired zones, 50 wireless zones, upload to center management software by GPRS.

Stable And Reliable

  • Automatic short circuit protection: the port of 12V power output, siren or other occur short circuit, the host automatically protect itself, will not damage the host;
  • Battery foolproof design, positive and negative plug anti-host automatic protection; battery low voltage over discharge protection; battery fault protection (such as charging curve is abnormal, the charge current will be limited);
  • Zone interface circuit with anti-surge design, resistance to 4KV surge impact;
  • The host chassis 24 hours anti-tamper, telephone line anti-cut, anti-short circuit, the host automatically grab wire alarm when alarm happens, AC power off alarm, battery loss, low voltage alarm.



  • This security alarm panel is a Chinese version.

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