Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Type: AS-603PC


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AS-603PC photoelectric smoke detector detects the smoke by a couple of infrared diodes. The principle of detecting is granule in the smoke can reflect infrared light. Infrared diodes are placed in the special chamber. The chamber can shield external light, but doesn't affect the smoke into it. While there is no smoke, the diode can receive very weak infrared light. When the smoke entering the chamber, diode can receive more and more light, and the detector can give out alarm signal when the smoke attains the certain density. In order to reduce the interference and lower power consumption, the emitting circuit adopts the pulse signal. The product in accordance with the networking approach is divided into 2-wire and 4-wire detectors.


  • Using microprocessor control
  • Automatic reset / power off optional
  • Infrared photoelectric sensor

Technical Indicators

  • Working voltage:                 DC9V-35V
  • Quiescent current:             ≤ 2mA
  • Alarm current:                    ≤ 10mA
  • Working temperature:      -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
  • Working humidity:             ≤ 95% RH
  • Output type:                       network output / LED indicator alarm
  • Monitoring area:                20 square meters
  • Sensitivity level:                 1 level
  • Alarm output:                     relay (normally open, normally closed optional)
  • Dimension:                         140 * 51mm
Photoelectric Smoke Detector 1

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