monitoring alarm control panel

Monitoring Alarm Control Panel

Type: AS-V series


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AS-V series monitoring alarm control panel combine NVR with alarm in one solution providing integrated monitoring (NVR) and alarm functions. The monitoring not only can work independently but also can combine with alarm through AS-S9 security intelligent integrated platform or AS-ALARM network alarm center management software.

AS-V series monitoring alarm control panel can fully realize the AS-9000 series alarm control panel all alarm functions, the users can watch the live video at any time whether an alarm is triggered. It has high compatibility, can access the original analog camera and IP camera. It receives IP camera and other camera video stream, transmit it through the network, and store, manage digital video data to achieve the advantages of distributed architecture brought from the network. It's easy to set up and simple for management. The users can watch, browse, review, manage, store multiple IP cameras at the same time, and it can provide on-site video evidence to police. In addition, the video in the network transmission efficiency is high.

Product Features

  • Realize the AS-9000 series alarm control panel all alarm functions
  • Support VGA, HDMI full HD output
  • Support ONVIF protocol can be connected to third-party equipment (network mode)
  • Support a variety of cloud technology, achieve network penetration, front end and rear end docking, alarm information pushed to the phone and other functions
  • Support WEB, CMS, the central platform management software
  • Support remote monitoring of all types of mobile phones, PAD (IOS, android)
  • Remote access with domain name service function (ARSP), a key to enable remote monitoring
  • Standard coaxial control, easy to achieve rear-end control front end
  • Support AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS/IP signal in one to access
  • Network mode support "all Network", compatible with the mainstream brand IPC, one key to set up network even if the same IP cross network
  • Mode input (optional):
    ----Coaxial: 8 * 1080N, 4 * 1080P
    ----Network: 16 * 1080P, 9 * 1080P, 16 * 960P, 4 * 5M
    ----Mix: 2 * 1080P (coaxial) + 2 * 1080P (network)

Alarm Motherboard

Monitoring (NVR) Module (Basic)

  • AS-V004P: Apply to 4 channel 1080P (analog camera) or 8 channel 1080P (IP camera) optional
  • AS-V008P: Apply to 8 channel 1080P (analog camera) or 16 channel 1080P (IP camera) optional
  • AS-V004N: Apply to 4 channel 1080N (analog camera) or 8 channel 960P (IP camera) optional
  • AS-V008N: Apply to 8 channel 1080N (analog camera) or 16 channel 960P (IP camera) optional

Hard Disk (Standard Configuration)

  • Brand: SEAGATE
  • Model: ST1000VX005
  • Interface: SATA interface
  • Speed: 5900rpm
  • Capacity: 1TB
  • Cache: 64MB
  • Level: Monitor level


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