AS-730L / AS-730D Gas Detector User Manual

Product Description

This product adopts single chip microcomputer technology design, selects the low power sensor, uses built-in temperature compensation module. It works stably, install simply, can detect the leaked gas in time, sends out the sound and light alarm signal accurately. It is applied to families, hotels, apartments and other places where use combustible gas for safety. This product complies with GB15322.2-2003 "combustible gas detector Part 2: measuring range of 0 ~ 100% LEL independent combustible gas detector" standard requirements.

Product Motherboard Diagram

Product Motherboard Diagram gas detector

Technical Parameters

Detection of gasMethane
Working voltageDC 12 V, AC 220 V
Static Current≤110 mA
Alarm current≤170 mA
Alarm concentration8% LEL
Alarm concentration deviation±3% LEL
Buzzer sound pressure≥ 70 dB (1 meter in front)
Working environmentTemperature: 0 ° C to + 55 ° C; relative humidity: ≤ 95% RH
StabilityContinuous working, alarm concentration deviation ± 5% LEL
RepeatabilityRepeat test, alarm concentration deviation ± 3% LEL
Alarm modeSound and light alarm, normally open / normally closed optional
DimensionsΦ105×34.77 mm

Wiring Installation Guide

Wiring Installation Guide gas detector

Product Installation

1 This product is suitable for ceiling installation, select the appropriate location, generally the ceiling above the gas source, from the gas source about 2m.

Product Installation 1 gas detector

2 Fix the mounting plate to the selected position with the screws, make the gas detector snap in and rotate it, then check the gas detector whether it is fixed.

Product Installation 2 gas detector

3 Family user should pay attention to the installation location, it can not be too close from the gas stove, to avoid false alarm or lead to air intake of the gas detector is not affluent, thus affecting the sensitivity of the gas detector. It can not be installed beside exhaust fan, doors, windows as well as bathroom with lots of water vapor.

Use of the product

This product can be used as an alarm independently, it also can output normally open / normally closed signal to connect other alarm equipment.

1 Use

(1) Install the gas detector in the appropriate position according to "product installation".

(2) Connect the power supply. The circuit enter self-test state, the yellow indicator light flash once, the buzzer sound "di" once, then the circuit enter the warm-up state, the green / red / yellow indicator lights will flash slowly and alternately. The green indicator light is on, indicating that the alarm is in normal working condition.

2 This product has a self-test button, can be used to detect the gas detector LED and buzzer are able to work properly. When pressed the self-test button, the gas detector red, green, yellow lights alternately flash, buzzer sound alarm and output switch signal.

3 When gas detector detect combustible gas leakage, red light flashes 5 times, the buzzer sound "di-di" at the same time, and output alarm signal. When combustible gas dissipate, the gas detector automatically return to the monitoring state.

4 If the yellow indicator light is on continuously, it means that the internal sensor has a failure.

5 When the internal sensor has a failure, please turn off the power, and then re-turn on the power, the gas detector re-self-test. If the yellow light is still on, we should cut off the power and contact the dealer.

6 J3 short-circuit pin is a selector switch for the manipulator or solenoid valve, plug it and power on, then connect to the manipulator; do not plug it and power on, then connect to the solenoid valve.

Product Testing

After the installation of the gas detector, The lighter gas can be placed in a vacant plastic bottle, and then put the plastic bottle at the convention window of gas detector to test. We can release some gas around the gas convection window by about 5cm to test it. We can also press the "self test" key once for self-test. When gas detector alarm, it will output a switch signal that can be used as a system network debug. Due to the inherent features of the semiconductor sensor, please do not release too much gas or high concentration of gas or take a long time or  test frequently, it may damage the sensor sensitive materials causing the sharp reduction in sensitivity and abnormal alarm. The alarm concentration of the gas is set according to the value specified in GB15322.2-2003. When the concentration of combustible gas in the air is lower than the alarm set value, the gas detector will automatically stop alarm and return to the monitoring state.

Solenoid valve / manipulator output signal selection

Solenoid valve manipulator output signal selection gas detector



MODE (J3) pin:

Plug J3 and power on, output manipulator signal

Don’t plug J3 and power on, output solenoid valve signal

Lighting information

Red light flashes 300ms (buzzer ring)Indicates manual test alarm
Red light flashes 150ms (buzzer ring)Indicates the gas leak alarm state
Red light flashes 150ms (buzzer does not ring)Indicates the gas detector has a signal state
Green light flashes 800msIndicates power-on self-test state, enter warm-up state
Green light is always onIndicates normal working condition
Green light flashes 150msIndicates calibration state
Yellow light flashes 800msIndicates sensor failure state

Daily maintenance

For a long time, the gas detector gas convection window will have some oil adhesion affecting the sensor sensitivity. It is advisable for the user to clean the gas convection window around every three months (or depending on the contamination) with a small amount of detergent in the brush. Do not allow the cleaning fluid to enter the gas detector, and re-test the gas detector after cleaning.

Emergency Handling

When the combustible gas concentration value reaches or exceeds the alarm set concentration value, the alarm will automatically enter the continuous alarm state, We should::

1 Close the pipe valve immediately.

2 Open the windows immediately and let the air flow.

3 Extinguish all the fire, avoid the use of all items can produce sparks (such as turn on lighters, matches match, etc.).

4 Avoid switching a variety of electrical equipment.

5 Check the reasons for gas leakage, and notice the relevant departments and related professionals to deal with timely. If the detector is false after checking, please check the installation position of the gas detector whether is appropriate.


1 This product must have the correct wiring and the power supply. if power is abnormal, the gas detector will not work normally.

2 This product must be maintained on a regular period as required by the instructions.

3 This product can be used for 3 years. It should be tested every six months and the failure gas detector must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

4 this product can not use high concentrations gas (> 100% LEL) for test, otherwise it may reduce the gas detector sensitivity causing the gas detector can not alarm normally.

5 This product can reduce the occurrence of accidents, but can not ensure safety completely. For you and your family safety, please be vigilant and strengthen the security awareness in the daily life except using the product correctly.