ESF-100 Electric Security Fence Instructions

1 Function and Feature

There are two kinds of existing security products. One kind is a fence, like traditional brick wall, cement wall, glass wall, iron fence and so on, has the obvious contours, encircles the defense area, has the impediment external invasion function, but does not have the alarm and the surveillance function. Another kind is the alarm system, like the infrared correlation alarm apparatus, divulge electric cable, CCTV and so on, they have the alarm or the surveillance function, but does not have the impediment function.
The smart pulse electric fence system integrate the prevents and alarm functions together, and increase the high voltage deterrent effect, not only have visible fence, but also have smart multi-zone controller, the alarm system becomes brand new perimeter security system.

1.1 System Function

1.1.1 have complete and explicit dividing line fence,and formidable impediment and deter function.
1.1.2 have low rate of false alarm function,when the outer fence alarm,the display windows rapidly display which zone suffers break,short-circuit and tamper, reflect the current condition.
1.1.3  The DC 12V alarm connection,dry contact signal output, can linkage with other security system, improve the system’s safe rank.
1.1.4  distinction function of electric fence and can detect all kinds of invasion rank, can differentiate the accidental invade from forceful invade ability.
The accidental intruder see the alarm or suffer from the electric shock, the leave, the alarm apparatus do not send out alarm. The intruder invade forcefully , so that the electric fence will be destroyed, in this case, the system will send out alarm. Only the intruder really invade and destroy the system, then will send alarm, will not alarm mistakenly and fails to alarm.1.2 system feature

1.2 System Feature

 1.2.1 Absolute safety and alarm perceive
The traditional high voltage pulse electric net system doesn’t have alarm perceive function, only through high voltage, strong current to impediment intruder. It is very easy to get intruder disable, even dies and so serious results. The smart pulse electric fence system adopts low energy pulse high voltage((5~10KV),because the energy is extremely low,the response time is extremely short, will not cause the damage to the humanbody. Once touched, will just leave dut to electric shock.
1.2.2 The low rate of false alarm  and strong Adaptability
The smart pulse electric fence system is not affected by environment(for example. trees, animals, shake.etc ) and climate ( wind, snow, rain and fog,etc) and not limited by terrain height and winding degree. The rate of false alarm is very low.
1.2.3 impediment and alarm dual function
The new concept of  smart pulse electric fence system is to prevent the intruder out of from the fence area,without the crime is the goal, give the intruder one kind of deterrent feeling and impediment function, dare not act rashly, achieve the security, reduces the crime.
1.2.4 continuous work,set armed/disarmed .
1.2.5 use the 12V/4Ah battery as backup power supply,when the power supply is off,can work continually.
1.2.6 According to user’s request and site geographical environment, carry out the design and installation, and work with multiple modern security products, such as CCTV monitored system, television supervisory system and GSM system to improve the system security ranks.
1.2.7 Absolute safety, conforms to the international CE certification and is also in conformity with IEC 60335-2-76 and the GB/T7946-2008 request, and get approved from public security form test.

2 Instructions

2.1 Product Design Basis:

GB/T7946-2008 "Pulse electric fence  installation And Safe operation"

2.2 Product Characteristic:

  • difference voltage output technology: every wire has voltage, have the differential voltage between the two adjacent  wires.
  • LCD display the monitor state indicating the voltage on every wire.
  • high/low voltage switch manually, long-distance equipment auto switch function.
  • short circuit, break and tamper alarm, equipment fault  auto-detect.
  • waterproof casing and downward appearance design guiding the industry development.
  • RS 485 main line control, keypad, computer, network and multiple long distance management solution.
  • DC12V, open/close dry contact alarm output, can work with other modern security products.

2.3 Main Technical Performance Indicators

  • power supply:                                          AC180V-240v   50Hz
  • Temperature :                                      -40-+50℃
  • moisture:                                                 ≤95%
  • Output peak voltage:                             5KV~10KV
  • Output low voltage:                               700~1000V
  • Peak current of pulse:                           <10A
  • Pulse duration:                                       ≤0.1s
  • Pulse interval time:                                1s
  • Max quantity of electricity of pulse:   2.5mC
  • Max energy of pulse:                             ≤5.0J
  • System power consumption:               10w

2.4  LED Indicated Lamp Condition Instructions:

2.4.1 AC 220V or DC12V,when power supply input ,the green indicated lamp  is bright.
2.4.2 when armed,the yellow indicated lamp is bright. When disarmed,it shows off.
2.4.3 when alarm break,the red indicated lamp is bright.
2.4.4 when alarm short circuit,the red indicated lamp is bright
2.4.5 when open cover, the red indicated lamp of tamper is bright.

2.5  The Wire Connection Of Controller Instruction

2.5.1 the controller comprise two parts: input and output,the positive pulse from output part"1st line high voltage output port"transfer to fence wire, then return back to the receiver part"1st line high voltage input port",negative pulse from output”2nd line high voltage output port” transfer to fence wire, then return back to the receiver part” 2nd line high voltage input port” ,so form positive and negative pulse closed circuit on the front fence.
2.5.2 high voltage earth output: can share the same earth output with lightning arrester, strong/weak earth separate.
2.5.3 voltage switch: use for switching high/low voltage mode or automatic working mode.
2.5.4 keypad output: can connect keypad directly or RS485 transfer RS 232,then connect to computer by long distance control, The RS 485 connection of each controller needs to go hands by hands connection, multiple connection is not allowed.
2.5.5 switch output: output open/close dry contact signal, needs to connect with other linkage device.
2.5.6 alarm output: when alarm, output DC 12V voltage, connect with alarm device DC 12v below 10W.
2.5.7 power switch: control the energizer on/off.
2.5.8 power supply input: connect AC 220V power source.

3 Design Request Of Electric Fence

3.1 Security Rank

according to different security rank, configurate suitable electric fence,usually divide into Ι、Ⅱ、III  the three rank.
Ι—  general security rank, uses 4 lines system, the monitor zone partition does not surpass 500 meters.
Ⅱ—  medium security rank, uses 8 lines system, the monitor zone partition does not surpass 250 meters.
III—  higher security rank, uses 12 lines system, the monitor zone partition does not surpass 100 meters.
Every zone must configurate independent controller, and have different triggered alarm apparatus, can indicate the alarm zone number. The alarm output usually linkage with CCTV, red-infrared correlation, spotlight, alarm apparatus etc. When applied, the length of monitor zone should set according to the perimeter total length, the terrain and the objective site environment.

3.2  Security

3.2.1 don’t allow get the AC power supply on electric fence. when the product gets faulty, please make sure the electric fence without any AC power supply.
3.2.2 product used the rectification voltage dropping DC 12V, then voltage-rise to condenser charge, finally electric capacity pulse discharge boosting transformer, the output energy is limited by rectification, primary voltage-rise, electric capacitance discharge, so many links, without harm to human body and absolute safety.
3.2.3 association factor and the influence of electric shock:
The electric pulse will not injure the intruder, to avoid the associated responsibility, firstly, electric fence warning signs should hang up at every other 10 meters striking position noted” electric fence, forbid climbing”, secondly, the height of electric fence should be above 1.8meters, if the height of electric fence is not high, should install isolated netting or wall to avoid accident.
3.2.4 electric fence should not be with other power circuit and telecommunication wires on the same pole.
3.2.5 electric fence should keep a certain safe distance from the power circuit.
3.2.6 horizontal distance between electric fence and public rod border should be above 5m( except the electric fence on top of the wall)
3.2.7  electric fence has pulse high voltage, when bad connection or close to charged conductor, will have fire spark. Thus, electric fence should install without any flammable gas, and without any flammable fluid place. According to the related national standard, keep enough safe distance, or take the safe measures to isolate.
3.2.8 When inspect the place to install electric fence, pls make sure the electric fence without any conflict with the electric wire, pipeline from the ground. And without any sundry goods at nearby place, whether the electric fence is influenced strongly by transmitting station and other high frequency device. If have, must mark the signal wire with STP shielded twisted pair at the construction drawing.

3.3 Security note

  • Unless high/low voltage output disarmed of electric fence, don’t touch the conductor part of the system.
  • Don’t install electric fence during the thunder, don’t install controller in moist place.
  • Before install and use the product, do the safe educational technology training work.
  • During the installation, in order to use normally in future, follow the instructions to make sure the grounding of products. Refer to “4.9 item”.
  • When the product is electrified , the inside of controller is 220v 50Hz AC current, 5-10KV high voltage pulse on the output port and electric fence, don’t touch it to make sure security.
  • The user must know the related electric device knowledge, and read the user instruction and operate it carefully before install it with correct use methods, otherwise , our side don’t bear any responsibility if any accident arise.
  • Once abnormal case happen, should make sure the power off, then professional staffs check and analysis repair or contact our company, don’t repack it by your own.

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