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Dual Directional Infrared Curtain Sensor

Dual Directional Infrared Curtain Sensor

Type: AS-912


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AS-912 dual directional infrared curtain sensor is the most suitable curtain detector for home. It has some features, strong signal capture capability, low false positives, omissive judgement rate, low power consumption and true temperature compensation, high technical content of products, the elegant process of production, elegant appearance, stable performance, long service life, special lens design, no blind area of overlooking, wall-mounted or ceiling installation.


  • Dual passive infrared detection technology
  • Bipolar pulse count adjustable
  • True temperature compensation circuit
  • Professional Fresnel optical precision lens, can improve the signal capture capacity within the scope of the detector
  • Can change the trigger direction of the alarm: change the trigger direction by the jumper (can set the direction of entry and exit itself) within the detector, no subject by installation restrictions
  • Can accurately distinguish between intrusion signals and indoor users false trigger signal
  • Microprocessor control: built-in high performance microprocessors, real-time analysis the induction of information, can accurately identify the human invasion signal, distinguish the direction of intrusion and interference signal,  thus greatly reduce the incidence of false positives
  • Overlooking function: can detect the intruder just below the detector, no detection blind area
  • Supporting special universal stent
  • Fast wall / ceiling / corner installation

Technical Indicators

  • Working voltage:                                DC 9V ~ 16V (recommended voltage 12V DC)
  • Working current:                                <30mA
  • Detection method:                             dual passive infrared
  • Passive infrared viewing area:         professional Fresnel optical lens
  • Detection response speed:              0.3 m / s to 3 m / s
  • Temperature compensation:           real temperature compensation technology
  • Alarm output:                                     NC normally closed contact, 100VDC / 500mA / 10VA (W) MAX
  • Anti-tamper protection:                   NC normally closed contact, 24VAC / DC / 500mA / MAX
  • Detection range:                                8 meters X0.6 meters (curtain detection mode)
  • Anti-RF interference:                         22V / m, 10MHz ~ 1,000MHz
  • Application environment:                0 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
  • Relative humidity:                             5% to 95%
  • Dimension:                                         95mmX65mmX38mm
Dual Directional Infrared Curtain Sensor 1
Dual Directional Infrared Curtain Sensor 2

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