8 Zones Control Panel

8 Zones Control Panel

Type: AS-9008


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 Functions and Features

  • The 8 zones control panel can be used alone or in the RS485 bus-line alarm system. It is used for independent users in the community or building a security system.
  • 8 zones control panel has 8 wired zones and 8 wireless zones, 1 siren output.
  • Support 1 installation code, 1 main code, 4 user codes.
  • 8 zones control panel also supports wireless function, user can use the wireless remote controller to disarm the control panel.

 Technical Indicators

  • Working voltage:                                 DC 9~15V
  • Working current:                                 40 mA (standby), the current of alarm is related to the external siren.
  • Operating temperature:                     -10 ° C ~ +60 ° C; 0 ~ 95% humidity (no frost)
  • Zone:                                                     8 normally open or normally closed zones, programmable for shielding, immediate, access,                                                                 internal, 24 hours, emergency, etc.
  • Zone response time:                          500 milliseconds
  • Wireless:                                              Working frequency: 315M, oscillation resistance: 3.3M or 4.7M, working mode: super                                                                            regenerative reception, sensitivity: -100dBm, supports 8 wireless zones and 4 wireless                                                                          remote controllers
  • EOL:                                                       3.3K ohms
  • Siren output:                                        Output voltage signal directly, maximum current 800mA
  • Compatibility:                                      Can be used with AS-8120 alarm control panel
  • Anti-tamper device:                            Self-contained housing/backplane tamper switch
  • Dimension:                                          14.5 cm × 10.5 cm × 3.5 cm (height × width × thickness)
  • Weight:                                                 210g

 Zone Type

  • Shield Zone: When the wired and wireless zones are not in use, it can be programmed to turn off the zone or connect the loop resistor.
  • Immediate zone: After arming, the immediate zone is triggered, it will alarm immediately, applied to the perimeter zone.
  • Access zone: Provides exit and entry delay time, which is convenient for users to arm and disarm control panel and is applied to door contact.
  • Internal zone: used for interior areas such as living room, bedroom, etc., providing exit delay and entry delay time following entry and exit zone.
  • 24-hour zone: It is always active, regardless of whether it is disarmed or not, it will alarm as soon as it is triggered.
  • Emergency zone: Once triggered under normal working conditions, the alarm sounds immediately on the scene and is applied to the panic button.
  • Key: If the zone triggers the arming and disarming of the control panel, the key switch type is set by item 16 in the programming table.
  • Doorbell: In the disarmed state, the zone triggers, and the keyboard sounds two prompts (1 long and 1 short). In the armed state, it is the same as the immediate zone.

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