Network Alarm Center Management Software

Network Alarm Center Management Software



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AS-ALARM network alarm center management software is suited for AS-9000 series alarm control panel and AS-V series monitoring alarm control panel. The network alarm center management software classifies according to alarm affairs, each alarm affair can be processed, printed, and sounded an alarm automatically as a separate affair to reduce the burden for the operator and improve the efficiency for the alarm center. It can create multiple zones and more users for each user. It can establish its own sub-zone map for each zone. And it can set up fee management for the user, send a message to the arrears users. Alarm records use large-scale databases, generally do not need to back up the alarm history, can browse up to 5000 records in the alarm record.

It is a large-scale network alarm center management software that is mostly used in metropolitan-level and multi-level network alarm center projects, with more than 5,000 users.

Software Features

  • Large user capacity: The software uses a large-scale SQL Server database system, and the capacity of a single database table far exceeds 1 million, which is beneficial to the continuous increase of the number of users.
  • Modular function design: The entire system adopts a modular design, and corresponding function modules can be added according to the functional requirements of different users. Users can easily add functions without destroying the system. According to different management methods, change the application mode of the system to greatly improve work efficiency.
  • Powerful management function: The system management is handled by a special management computer, and the processing function is very powerful. According to processing and management methods, analyze related events and information to complete the work in a timely and effective manner.
  • High system stability: The system data is carried by a dedicated database server and application server, which greatly increases the data capacity and data exchange capacity of the entire system, and greatly improves the stability of the system. This reduces the effort of system maintenance and can handle the center's related work with peace of mind.
  • Multi-level networking is more convenient: TCP/IP network can be used for remote network transmission. The separation of police handling and management and detailed work responsibilities are conducive to unified management.
  • Complete system backup function: It can realize online backup of alarm records, user data, system logs, and other data and restore the backup data. It supports dual-system work and backup. Two servers share data at the same time. When one server stops working, the other server automatically connects to the system and continues to work to ensure the security of the system.
  • Support multiple alarm receiver hardware: dedicated modem, alarm receiving card, professional alarm receiver from multiple mainstream manufacturers, especially good at network alarm receiving.
  • Super compatibility: compatible with multiple communication formats alarm control panel: It can receive information reported by the alarm control panel produced by major equipment manufacturers on the market, and is compatible with multiple communication formats such as C&K CFSK III, ADEMCO Contact ID, ADEMCO 4+2 Express, etc.
  • Support multiple video equipment: The software supports many well-known video equipment on the market, including Hikvision, Dahua, EZVIZ, Univision, etc.
  • Strong security: The level of operators in this software has multiple levels such as system administrator and operator (custom level). Each operator can operate different data content, which can realize the separation of tasks.

Software Functions

  • Map function: The map function is to use the Baidu map and bitmap to represent the user's defense zone map. The alarm control panel and defense zone’s alarm hotspots can be marked on the Baidu map. The defense zone map can mark the user's subsystems and defense zone’s alarm hotspots on the map to realize the corresponding defense zone hotspots after the alarm. It flashes to remind the user of the specific alarm location, which is convenient for the police to deal with in time.
  • Video linkage function: The software can link the defense zone with the video. When an alarm occurs in the defense zone, the real-time video of the corresponding defense zone will automatically pop up, and it can be recorded and played back.
  • User event query and statistics function: It has a powerful statistical report function, and uses the method of comprehensive condition query to find the required data report.
  • User data management function: add new user, modify user, load user, user query, user sort, delete user, and list printing.
  • Export function: The alarm control panel event report, user list, and user information, alarm handling documents, etc. can be converted into text, WORD, EXCEL files for re-editing, which realizes the diversity of data, and is conducive to the archiving of data. It can also be set according to the user statistical printing of the restriction conditions.
  • Operator record management: It is mainly the management functions of adding, editing, and authority setting to operators.
  • Database management: The database management function is the operation of data backup, restoration, and sorting.
  • Multiple alarm control panel type management: The diversity of alarm control panel types is enhanced. The alarm center for unified control of multiple alarm control panels can customize the type of the user's front-end control alarm control panel, and the alarm control panel classification is more detailed and the query is more convenient.
  • Custom coding scheme: You can set a custom decoding scheme for the communication protocol 4+2 and the CONTACT ID communication protocol, and edit and delete the newly added scheme.
  • Unique remote programming and grasping function: mainly for Honeywell 2300 series alarm control panel.
  • Alarm forwarding function: In order to communicate with other alarm centers, the Alarm7.0 alarm receiving system is equipped with the function of forwarding report information via telephone and IP.
  • Caller ID: It can be used to query telephone line problems. It is conducive to the detection of malicious or unintentional blocking of the communication of the alarm center, and the locking of users who have failed in communication, incomplete information, and changed data. However, corresponding access equipment (multifunctional alarm receiving card) is required to assist in completion.
  • Extended upgrade function: convenient secondary development, Alarm7.0 alarm receiving system provides an open database system with DDE and Socket interfaces, which is conducive to the secondary development of users, and can also customize a specific version according to customer needs.

Diagram of Network Alarm Center Management Software

Network Alarm Center Management Software enterprise

Supports Video Equipment (Part)


Installation Instructions

AS-ALARM network alarm center management software is designed and constructed in accordance with the distributed thinking. According to the number of users, it can be installed on multiple servers and work together. Runs smoothly from 1 server to 100+ servers. In this way, the processing needs of the huge data volume of the super-large center with more than 100,000 devices are balanced.

The server is recommended to use branded servers, if possible, IBM servers should be used as much as possible.

The stable and reliable Win2008 Server R2 is recommended for the server operating system.

The database system recommends using SQL Server 2008.

The management terminal machine recommends the use of branded business machines.

Network Alarm Center Management Software Application

  • Single-level multi-point network alarm monitoring system
Multi-point Network Alarm Monitoring System

Note: It can be used in the internal LAN, too.

  • Multi-level multi-point network alarm monitoring system
Multi-point Multi-level Network Alarm Monitoring Syst

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