Electric Security Fence Host

Electric Security Fence Host

Type: AS-G6


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  • 4.7-inch LCD screen directly displays the host operating status, zone address, voltage and other information.
  • It can arm and disarm 2 zones of the same host independently, 4 wires / 6 wires can be set flexibly.
  • Anti-bypass alarm: can effectively detect intruder wire bypass behavior.
  • Touch-wire alarm: the human body or metal conductor touch the electric security fence, the host send out alarm signal.
  • Differential voltage output technology: each wire has electricity, there is a differential voltage between two adjacent wires.
  • Multi-gears high and low voltage manual switch, remote device automatically switch.
  • Built-in 220V regulated transformer power supply, power supply stability, anti-interference, can connect to external DC24V power supply.
  • RS485 bus control, keyboard, computer, network and other remote centralized management solutions.
  • DC12V and normally open / normally closed dry contact alarm output, and a variety of modern security products support it.
  • External network module to achieve network transmission, software control directly.

Technical Indicators

  • Working current:                                      ≤ 400mA
  • Working voltage:                                      AC220V or DC24V
  • Host zone:                                                 single / double can be set
  • Alarm output:                                           485 bus + switch signal
  • Siren output:                                            12V 800mA
  • Operating temperature:                         -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
  • Working humidity:                                  40% -70% RH
  • Installation:                                              wall hanging
  • Shell material:                                          ABS
  • Dimension:                                               235 * 100 * 328mm


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