Infrared Ceiling Sensor

Infrared Ceiling Sensor

Type: AS-938


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AS-938 infrared ceiling sensor is based on the infrared spectrum of the human body for work. When the human body is active within its acceptance range, the sensor receives its heat source signal, and input to the microprocessor after amplification, the microprocessor continuously samples the infrared signal. After calculation, the microprocessor output signal to control the sensor alarm port.

This product is widely used for banks, warehouses, homes and other places.


  • Adopt 8-Bit low-power CMOS microprocessor
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Anti-RFI interference: 20-1000MHz (such as mobile communication)
  • Radiation status, stereoscopic 12 curtain zones, can detect intrusion from any direction

Technical Indicators

  • Working voltage:                     DC 9~15V
  • Working current:                     Static ≤ 23mA, alarm ≤ 11mA
  • Working temperature:            -20℃ ~ +50℃
  • Sensing type:                           Dual pyroelectric infrared sensor
  • Alarm delay:                             5 seconds
  • Installation height:                  2.2m ~ 6m
  • Installation method:               Ceiling
  • Detection range:                     6 meters in diameter (mounting height 3.6 meters)
  • Alarm output:                          Normally open / normal closed
  • Anti-tamper:                            Normally closed without voltage output
  • Dimension:                              Φ105 * 28mm
Infrared Ceiling Sensor 1

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