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Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Type: AS-750


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  • LED display with blue backlight
  • Permanent carbon monoxide sensor
  • Sensor fault display and alarm function

Technical Indicators

  • Working voltage:                    3 AA 1.5V battery
  • Static current:                         50uA (no LCD); ≤200uA (LCD)
  • Alarm concentration:
    --In 30ppm, alarm within 60-90 minutes
    --In 50ppm, alarm within 10-40 minutes
    --In 300ppm, alarm within 3 minutes
  • Alarm current:                        75mA bright LED display
  • Alarm Sound:                         10 feet 85db (3M)
  • Working Environment:          5-40 ℃ 20-90%, R.H.
  • Low voltage work:                  15-30 days

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