Dual Infrared Sensor

Dual Wide-angle Infrared Sensor

Type: AS-901


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AS-901 dual wide-angle infrared sensor is a high stability passive infrared sensor. It adopts advanced signal analysis processing technology to provide superior detection and anti-false alarm performance. When an intruder passes the detection area, the sensor will automatically detect the activity of the human body in the area. If there is a dynamic movement phenomenon, it will send an alarm signal to the control panel.

This product is suitable for home, residential areas, villas, factories, shopping malls, warehouses, office buildings and other places needing security protection.


  • Intelligent logic control to filter out all kinds of false alarms
  • Real temperature compensation technology
  • Bipolar pulse count (adjustable)
  • Anti-white light interference
  • Anti-radio frequency interference (20V/m - 1GHz)
  • Fresnel optical lens
  • Wall/corner installation
  • Alarm output NC/NO optional
  • Adopt SMT process

Technical Indicators

  • Operating voltage:                    DC9 - 16V
  • Current consumption:             ≤18mA (DC12V)
  • Detection distance:                   12 meters
  • Detection angle:                        110°
  • Self-test time:                             60 seconds
  • Alarm indication:                       red LED
  • Coverage areas:                        11 for remote areas, 8 for central areas, 5 for near areas
  • Sensor:                                        dual pyroelectric infrared sensor
  • Working temperature:             -10°C ~ +50°C
  • Ambient humidity:                    up to 95% RH (no condensation)
  • Anti-RF interference:                10MHz - 1GHz 20V/m
  • Installation method:                 wall or corner
  • Mounting height:                      1.7m - 2.2m (recommended installation height 2.2m)
  • Alarm output:                            NC/NO optional, contact capacity DC28V 100mA
  • Tamper output:                         NC, contact capacity DC28V 100mA
  • Dimension:                                107*59*39.5mm

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