AS-9000GSM House GSM Networking Alarm System Solution

AS-9000GSM networking alarm system is fit for family security. AS-9000GSM alarm control host is used HUAWEI GSM module keeping ahead worldwild, can transmit by PTSN, GSM & GPRS. It can be arming and disarming very conveniently through remote control, mobile phone voice or short message. When the family is at home, periohery can be arming. When the family leave home, it can be arming integrally. When alarm occurs, AS-9000GSM networking alarm system will notice the family member what and where is alarming in the house through PTSN, GSM & GPRS at once, and it will transmit the alarm message to security center & police center by alarm system software. Security officers will handle it fastly.

Athenalarm AS-9000GSM house GSM networking alarm system solution