AS-9000IP Bank IP&Phone Networking Alarm System Solution

  • transmit by IP and phone
  • connect the printer
  • control panel can make outdoor audible and visual alarm, spotlight and other equipments work in the same time
  • control the remote alarm system directly

AS-9000FX Intelligent Community Networking Alarm System Solution

  •  incould alarm management center, perimenter precaution alarm system, home alarm branch, indoor detectors
  • 32 bit ARM, photoelectric isolation
  • 32 zones, simple programming

AS-9000GSM House GSM Networking Alarm System Solution

  • use HUAWEI GSM module
  • transmit by phone, GSM & GPRS
  • arming through remote control, mobile phone voice or short message
  • transmit the alarm message to security center & police center by alarm system software

AS-9000GSM Hotel Emergency Assistance Alarm System Solution

  • link wired / wireless emergency buttons
  • realize the function of emergency assistance alarm
  • satisfy many emergency and administrative requirements
  • used in hotel, market, KTV etc

AS-9000GSM Perimeter Precaution Alarm System Solution

  • link active infrared instrusion detector or electric fence
  • Surveillance camera can be linkage by inputing programs
  • support Contact Id communication protocols and TCP/IP network transmission
  • used in large regionals, such as school, factory, jail etc

AS-9000G Store GPRS Video Networking Alarm System Solution

  • combine with networking video
  •  linkage on alarm and video
  • use HUAWEI GPRS module
  • solve the problem that phone can’t run networking alarm system because of cutting off
  • watch the on-site image
  • master all the on-site evidence

Network Monitoring Alarm System Application

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Note: According to our customers' requirements, Athenalarm has been designing professional comprehensive alarm system solutions and manufacturing burglar alarms to meet their specific needs for over 10 years. Our customers include banks, schools, houses, stores, factories, warehouses, airports, zoos, governments, and intelligence communities, among others.

Athenalarm AS-9000(S) alarm control panel supports 16 wired and 30 wireless zones. It adopts advanced 32-bit ARM microprocessor. This guarantees the high integration, high reliability and a variety of flexible interface.

It can store 6 groups of alarm telephone number, and at the same time two groups center number (e.g., the public security bureau 911 turning center). It can upload alarm information through PSTN, GSM, GPRS, TCP/IP communication networks.

The control panel is suitable for families, residential quarters, villas, commercial auxiliary networking, the financial system, authority institutions, industrial parks, schools, libraries, hospitals, and many other areas.

  • AS-9000S Series Alarm Control panel
  • AS-9000GSM Alarm Control Host
  • AS-V Series Monitoring Alarm Control Panel
  • AS-6000 GPRS/WIFI Dual Network Alarm Host
  • AS-1000 Smart Home Palm Guard
  • AS-920 Infrared Sensor
  • AS-918 Infrared Curtain Sensor
  • Active Infrared Intrusion Sensor
  • AS-603PC Photoelectric Smoke Detector
  • AS-705 Gas Leak Detector
  • AS-28B Panic Button

Athenalarm sincerely hold the tenet of “quality first, customers supreme” in mind. We produce a variety of alarm products to meet the demands of different  customers. Adopting advanced equipment with solid techniques, our high quality products are strictly tested before being put into the market. Furthermore, Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

Electric security fence is the first line of defense in security system, but also the most important of a line of defense, set blocking, deterrence and alarm triple function in one of the latest perimeter security equipment, give pulse shock to the intruder(low energy, not causing harm to the person) to deter the intruder, shake its climbing fence motive, delay the invasion time, achieve the purpose of blocking, and sent the intrusion signal to the alarm center, reduce the incidence rate.

  • AS-G6 Electric Security Fence
  • AS-G6 Electric Security Fence Host
  • TEF-100 Tension Electronic Fence

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