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AS-9000SGSM alarm control panel
AS-9000SFX alarm control panel

AS-9000S Series Alarm Control Panel (Sub-line)

Functions and Features

  • Interactive devices: English & Chinese LCD operation keyboard and intelligent voice prompt.
  • System Capacity: 16 wired zones, 30 wireless zones.
  • Programming: Can carry out various programming of the system settings, such as alarm mode, the types of protection zones, remote control, alarm telephone number, telephone line detection, etc.
  • Defense Zone: Ordinary zone, delay zone, 24-hour zone, internal zone, doorbell zone, fire alarm zone, emergency zone, medical treatment zone.
  • Alarm Communication: PSTN (Basic), GSM, GPRS, TCP/IP (Optional).
  • Telephone Communication: 6 groups of alarm telephone number and 2 groups alarm center telephone number, 2 groups of special number for arm/disarm.
  • GSM/GPRS Communication: SMS, GPRS & arm/disarm.
  • TCP/IP Communication: Connect to alarm software, software arm/disarm.
  • Communication Protocol: Standard Contact ID communication protocol
  • “Black Box” function: Can store 1500 event records. Can query the zone alarm information, arm and disarm information and the battery voltage.
  • Recharge function: Can charge for a rechargeable built-in DC12V sealed lead-acid battery to guarantee the working even if power failure.

Learn more... (The same as AS-9000 series alarm control host except 1800 bus zones)

Differences between AS-9000S Series Alarm Control Panel

AS-9000SFXPSTNaway, at home, delay, remote, fast force, timing, remote controllerkeypad password, telephone remote, timing, remote controller
AS-9000SGSMPSTN & GSMThe same as AS-9000SFX, SMSThe same as AS-9000SFX, SMS, mobile phone
AS-9000SGPRSPSTN & GPRS & GSMThe same as AS-9000SFX, SMSThe same as AS-9000SFX, SMS, mobile phone
AS-9000SIPPSTN & TCP/IPThe same as AS-9000SFX, softwareThe same as AS-9000SFX, software
AS-9000STTPSTN & GSM & TCP/IPThe same as AS-9000SFX, SMS, softwareThe same as AS-9000SFX, SMS, mobile phone, software

  Main Technical Performance Indicators

  • Power supply:                                         AC220V+10%
  • Static Consumption Current:               ≤150mA
  • Power:                                                      ≤1W
  • Alarm Output:                                        ≤800mA, 12V
  • Output Voltage:                                     DC12V~15V
  • Wireless Receiving Frequency:            315MHz / 433MHz optional
  • Working Temperature:                         -10 ~ 55°C
  • Working Humidity:                                 40 ~ 70%
  • Chassis Dimensions:                             Length 27CM * Width 26CM * High 8CM

Remark: All the AS-9000S series alarm control panel functions, technical performance indicators, system operation etc. are the same as AS-9000 series alarm control host except 1800 bus zones. Please click here to browse the web page of AS-9000 series alarm control host to learn more.

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