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Athenalarm alarm control host alarm products
Athenalarm alarm control host alarm products

AS-9000 Series Alarm Control Host (Industrial Bus-line)


Easy To Use:

  • English & Chinese LCD operation keyboard, menu programming, human-computer interaction interface, query host status, alarm information all English display.
  • High-speed digital communications, standard Contact ID communication protocol, can communicate with the mainstream police center receiver.
  • To prevent the crash, the host has watchdog function.
  • Intelligent voice prompt, build-in voice module, can make voice alarm. Arm / disarm voice prompts, alarm information telephone voice broadcast, abnormal zone automatic bypass and voice broadcast when arm.
  • Can carry out various programming of the system settings, such as alarm mode, the types of protection zones, remote control, alarm telephone number, telephone line detection, etc.
  • Wired and wireless defense zones compatible.
  • 16 wired zones, 30 wireless zones, 1800 bus zones, PSTN, GSM, GPRS, TCP/IP Communication options, suitable for a variety of occasions, support 8 remote controlers.
  • Ouputs for external Siren and strobe.
  • 1 installer programming password which is 6 digits and can be changed by himself. 1 main user password, 9 groups sub-user password which are 6 digits and can be set according to their own requirement. This can enhance security.
  • Support fast operation by keypad, easy and convenient.
  • Can set 6 groups of alarm telephone number (either landline or mobile phone number) and 2 groups alarm center telephone number, 2 groups of special number for arm and disarm. So the upload is free of charge. And when alert is activated, it will do dial the numbers circularly.
  • 7 types of arm: away arm, at home arm, delay arm, remote arm, fast force arm, timing arm, remote controller arm (SMS arm, software arm optional).
  • 4 types of disarm: keypad password disarm, telephone remote disarm, timing disarm, remote controller disarm (SMS disarm, mobile phone disarm, software disarm optional).
  • 7 types of defense zone: Ordinary zone, delay zone, 24-hour zone, internal zone, doorbell zone, fire alarm zone, emergency zone, medical treatment zone.
  • Customizable alarm time delay and time of bell.
  • “Black Box” function, can store 1500 event record. Can query the zone alarm information, arm and disarm information and the battery voltage.
  • Can arm by remote controller or telephone. And if the defense zone is triggered, it will activate the automatic bypass and broadcast the corresponding voice information.
  • Telephone line fault detection function. If the telephone line is cut or short circuit, the system will alarm.
  • The telephone has priority to answer the alarm call. Even if the telephone is busy, it will get through the alarm call to make sure alarm report is upload successfully.
  • The host can be installed a rechargeable built-in DC12V sealed lead-acid battery to guarantee the working even if power failure.
  • When the battery can’t charge and discharge and cause low voltage, it will power-off to avoid damage to the battery.
  • The host have test program, it can be able to diagnose where error occured (the wire, the detector or the host itself).

Stable And Reliable:

  • Automatic short circuit protection: the port of 12V power output, siren or other occur short circuit, the host automatically protect itself, will not damage the host.
  • Battery foolproof design, positive and negative plug anti-host automatic protection; battery low voltage over discharge protection; battery fault protection (such as charging curve is abnormal, the charge current will be limited).
  • Zone interface circuit with anti-surge design, resistance to 4KV surge impact.
  • The host chassis 24 hours anti-tamper, telephone line anti-cut, anti-short circuit, the host automatically grab wire alarm when alarm happen, AC power off alarm, battery loss, low voltage alarm.

Brief Features

  • AS-9000FX Alarm Control Host

FEATURES ▲ 8Ω1W speaker driver output
▲ Powerful voice function: it's simple to operate the host through telephone remotely, voice prompt in the whole process
▲ Alarm information is broadcasted by voice clearly and smoothly
▲ Live voice prompts (remote control operation, doorbell function)
▲ Renew user-friendly English LCD keyboard: the use of interactive interface design, display help information synchronously, do not need to remember any opcode, zreo learning costs, immediately get started, without read the operating manual repeatly
▲ Perfect battery management capabilities: online monitoring, low voltage alarm, Short circuit protection, fault protection, reverse wire protection, realize a real free maintenance
APPLYAS-9000FX Intelligent Community Networking Alarm System Solution

  • AS-9000GSM Alarm Control Host

FEATURES▲ Basic functions with the AS-9000FX
▲ Adopt excellent GSM module, stable and reliable, strong signal
▲ Can set the priority alarm way (GSM or PSTN), alarm & abnormal situation SMS notification
▲ Can be set to send system SMS and give a call to the customer mobile phone automatically
▲ Arm and disarm extra through SMS, disarm through mobile phone
APPLYAS-9000GSM Hotel Emergency Assistance Alarm System Solution

  • AS-9000GPRS Alarm Control Host

FEATURES▲ Basic functions with the AS-9000FX
▲ Adopt advanced GPRS module, stable and reliable, strong signal
▲ Can set the priority line (GPRS or PSTN), alarm & abnormal situation SMS notification
▲ Can be set to send system SMS to the customer mobile phone automatically
▲ Follow WeChat official account, customer can receive alarm host status information pushed by WeChat official account
▲ Arm and disarm extra through SMS, GPRS
APPLYAS-9000G Store GPRS Video Networking Alarm System Solution

  • AS-9000IP Alarm Control Host

FEATURES▲ Basic functions with the AS-9000FX
▲ Can set the priority line (TCP/IP or PSTN)
▲ Can transfer information through the IP network to the center, the center can also transfer signal to the alalrm host
▲ Alarm & abnormal situation noticed by the central platform software through TCP/IP network docking, the central platform software monitor the alarm host situation online at any time
▲ It also can transmit CID protocol to the alarm receiving center through PSTN
▲ Arm and disarm extra through TCP/IP
▲ with AS-S9 Security Intelligent Integrated Platform
APPLYAS-9000IP Bank IP&Phone Networking Alarm System Solution

  • AS-9000TT Alarm Control Host

FEATURES▲ With all the functions above (except GPRS module function)
APPLYAll of the above applications


Main Technical Performance Indicators

  • Power supply:                                         AC220V+10%
  • Static Consumption Current:               ≤150mA
  • Power:                                                      ≤1W
  • Alarm Output:                                        ≤800mA, 12V
  • Output Voltage:                                     DC12V~15V
  • Wireless Receiving Frequency:            315MHz / 433MHz optional
  • Working Temperature:                         -10 ~ 55°C
  • Working Humidity:                                 40 ~ 70%
  • Chassis Dimensions:                             Length 27CM * Width 26CM * High 8CM

System Operation

The main use of anti-theft alarm is to detect whether there is intruder to your office or home and ask for emergency help. Before you leave the office or home, you should make sure that the windows and doors are closed, and let the alarm system in alert deployment. After the system is armed, if the alarm zone is triggered, it will make alarm in the ways below:

  • If the host connects to the siren and the zones are set as sound alarm, there will be a sound alarm and the keypad will beep.
  • If the system connects to the alarm center, the alarm host will transmit the alarm information to the alarm center through telephone network.
  • If the system set the master or security personnel telephone (fixed telephone or mobile number), the host will dial the preset numbers in turn. And it will switch to telephone alarm control.
  • In a state of alarm, the LCD keypad screen will display the alarm information.

Installation and Wiring Diagram of the Motherboard

AS-9000 Series Alarm Control Host Installation and Wiring Diagram

● Athenalrm and Bosch, Honeywell bus alarm control panel contrast

TypeAS-9000 seriesDS7400VISTA-120
Bus wayRS-485MUXV-Plex
Signal wireTwisted pair or non-twisted pair, RVS2 * 0.5 mm or RVV2 * 0.5 mmUnshielded, non-twisted pair RVV2 * 1.0 mm or aboveUnshielded, non-twisted pair RVV2 * 1.0 mm or above
Communication distance (single)1200 m / RVS 2*0.5 mm1600 m / RVV 2*1.5 mm1200m / RVV 2*1.0 mm
Keyboard wire distanceKeyboard bus wire 1200 mKeyboard bus wire 450 mKeyboard bus wire 400 m
Keyboard communication interface111
Expansion communication interface1None, need to add 7436 or 74301
Bus expansionDon’t need expansion moduleNeed expansion moduleMultiple bus wires need to add 4297
Signal wire wiringHand in hand, add branching device can support star wiringHand in hand, support star wiringHand in hand, support star wiring
RepeaterA single bus wire can add up to 5 common 485 repeatersNone relay deviceSerial extension can only add one 4297
Optical fiber transmissionDirectly connect to the optical transceiver interface of 485, optical transceiver has the two-way 485 functionCan’t connect to the optical transceiver directly, can’t use common optical transceiver, even if conversion to 485Can’t connect to the optical transceiver directly, need to convert into 485 then it can connect to the optical transceiver
Number of zonesMaximum 1800 zones248 zones (8 zones + 240 expansion zones)128 zones (8 zones + 120 expansion zones)
Number of keyboards81530
Timing arm & disarmSupport 5 arm & disarm periodsTiming armTiming arm & disarm
Operation methodKeyboard password / remote control / computer (software) / landline phone / mobileKeyboard passwordKeyboard password / remote control
Keyboard display modeEnglish & Chinese LCDEnglish LCDEnglish LCD
Zone nameEnglish & Chinese, with alarm informationOnly zone codeOnly zone code
Linkage output8-Way Relay Module32-Way Relay Module4-Way Relay Module
Telephone communicationCIDCID, 4+2CID / other Ademco protocols
Phone remote controlArm and disarm remotelyProhibitedArm and disarm remotely
PrinterAdd moduleAdd moduleAdd module
Connect to the computerUSB or TCP/IP moduleAdd moduleAdd module
VoiceArm, disarm, alarm all have voice promptsDon’t supportDon’t support
Zone module identification methodSerial number + dial codeDial codeSerial number

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