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Dual Infrared Sensor

Dual Infrared Sensor

Type: AS-901


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  • With strong signal capture capability, low false positives, omissive judgement rate, low power consumption and true temperature compensation
  • With microprocessing control to reduce false positives
  • True temperature compensation technology
  • Bipolar pulse count adjustable
  • Unique anti-white light interference, anti-fluorescent interference
  • No dead zone, low power consumption

Technical Indicators

  • Working voltage:              9-16V DC
  • Working current:              15mA
  • Alarm contacts:                NC, 12VDC, 100mA max
  • Tamper contact:               NC, 12VDC, 100mA max
  • Alarm time:                       2.2s min
  • Warm up time:                  2 minutes
  • RFl Features:                   22V / m at 10Mhz to 1Ghz
  • Working temperature:      -5 ~ 50
  • Storage temperature:       -20  ~ 55
  • Installation:                      wall hanging
  • Mounting bracket:            universal bracket
  • Installation height:            2.4m
  • Detection distance:          8m

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