Athenalarm Alarm Products

Athenalarm provides integrated alarm system solutions (composed by Athenalarm alarm products) & alarm products  that enable banks, schools,  stores, factories, warehouses, airports, zoos, the government(or governments), and the intelligence community, among others to focus on their work avoiding interference of illegal intruding.

Athenalarm alarm products include: alarm control host, alarm detectors, alarm components, security fence, smart home alarm system. Such as AS-9000 series alarm control host, AS-G400&600 series electric security fence, AS-8110A-TZ smart home alarm system, active infrared instrusion detector, infrared fence detertor, infrared detector, smoke detector, gas leak detector, emergency button, strobe light, iron door magnestim, etc.

Athenalarm focused on alarm products quality. Our work is performed to the highest levels of quality. We guarantee our alarm products can be used at least for 3 years.

Alarm Control Host

AS-9000IP Alarm Control Host (Bus)

Transmit by PTSN & TCP/IP

AS-9000GSM Alarm Control Host (Bus)

Transmit by PTSN & GSM

AS-9000GPRS Alarm Control Host (Bus)

Transmit by PTSN & GPRS

AS-9000TT Alarm Control Host (Bus)

Transmit by PTSN, TCP/IP & GSM

Alarm Detectors

AS-705L Gas Leak Detector

AS-902R Wireless Wide-angle Infrared Detector

AS-901R Wireless Curtain Infrared Detector

Alarm Components

AS-28B Emergemcy Button

AS-05 Strobe Light

AS-103 Audible Alarm

AS-1102 Outdoor Flashing Light

ES-626 Siren

AS-03 Iron Door Magnetism

AS-55 Roll Gate

AS-012 Foot Switch

AS-01R Wireless Emergency Button

Security Fence

Smart Home Alarm System

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These are part of Athenalarm alarm products, if you want to obtain more alarm products or are interested in any of Athenalarm alarm system solutions & alarm products or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.