Athenalarm - Quality First, Customers Supreme

• Quality: Athenalarm control panels can be used at least for 3 years, other products can be used at least for 2 years.

• Price: Athenalarm burglar alarms price is less than DSC, BOSCH, HONYWELL etc. for 50% at least.

• Warranty (for qualified customers):

  1.  Free samples can be sent for qualified customers (security products wholesaler, agent, dealer, security company, etc.) in accordance to customers requirements.
  2.  Return any of our products--no questions asked within 1 year, the payment will be payed back totally.
  3.  The products warranty period is 1 year from purchase day. We will change the faulty products freely and charge shipping fee.

Control Panel

  • control panel
  • Accessory
  • Alarm Software

Smart Home

  • Home Alarm System
  • Palm Guard
  • Smart Home Alarm

Security Fence

  • Electric Security Fence
  • Security Fence Host
  • Tension Fence

PIR Sensor

  • Infrared Sensor
  • Infrared Curtain Sensor
  • Infrared Ceiling Sensor

Alarm Detector

  • Smoke Detector
  • Gas Detector
  • Vibration Detector

Alarm Component

  • Panic Button
  • Door Contact
  • Audible Alarm


  • Timer Alarm

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