Athenalarm is a professional burglar alarm manufacturer in Dongguan, China.

Athenalarm burglar alarms include network alarm control panels, PIR sensors, alarm detectors, smart home, security fence, among others. Athenalarm AS-9000 series alarm control panels utilize an advanced 32-bit microprocessor, LCD keypad, intelligent voice prompt, PSTN, TCP/IP, GSM, GPRS optional, which are used in large network alarm projects widely, such as security companies, banks, factories, communities, schools, shopping malls, chain stores, etc.

The network alarm system solution is one of the Athenalarm alarm system solutions for customers. The solution design uses the GPRS network module, TCP/IP network module (GPRS & TCP/IP alarm control panel), and network alarm center management software. It combines monitoring and alarm in one solution, and it supports living video, alarm, electrical map, etc.

Adopting advanced equipment with solid techniques, Athenalarm high-quality burglar alarms are strictly tested before being put into the market. Athenalarm well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

It is an advisable choice because Athenalarm burglar alarms are stable and reliable with competitive price.


Founded in 2006, Athenalarm is a professional burglar alarm manufacturer specializing in research, design, manufacture burglar alarms and provide integrated alarm system solutions for our customers. According to the customers' requirements, we can customize products development. And we also provide OEM service for our customers.

Products Demos

Monitoring Alarm with Living Video

GSM Alarm Control Panel

Add A Wireless PIR Sensor to the panel

Alarm Sensors

Customer Feedback

Bassey Tom (CEO at BTJ Limited and SafeMart, Nigeria):
Amazing system...Have installed it and my client was very satisfied. 5-star rating.

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