Alarm System Solutions

According to our customers' requirements, Athenalarm has been designing professional comprehensive alarm system solutions and manufacturing burglar alarms to meet their specific needs for over 10 years.

Our clients include banks, schools, houses, stores, factories, warehouses, airports, zoos, governments, and intelligence communities, among others.

Alarm Products

Athenalarm is a professional burglar alarms manufacturer.

Athenalarm alarm hosts utilize an advanced 32-bit ARM microprocessor, LCD display keypad, intelligent voice prompt. It is an advisable choice because Athenalarm alarm hosts are easy to use, stable and reliable.

Athenalarm can also provide other relevant burglar alarms (smart home, PIR, alarm detectors, etc.).

Alarm Projects

We provide comprehensive support to our customers, from online care to onsite installation and system training. Our products can be customized to meet our clients unique requirements.

Our staff provides thorough training to our client’s employees to insure mastery of the alarm systems operation.

Our Advantage

Innovation: According to the new security system demands, Athenalarm constantly reform the technology, and create new networking, intelligent and digital alarm system solutions for customers' all kinds of requirements.

Quality: Athenalarm focused on burglar alarms quality. Our work is performed to the highest levels of quality. We guarantee our alarm hosts can be used at least for 3 years.

Cost: Athenalarm is quite confident in our overall cost control then offer you more competitive price.

Experience: Athenalarm security experts have rich experiences in alarm system solutions designing, hardware & software development, and project management. we can provide you valuable suggestion to create a perfect alarm system for your project .

AS-9000SGSM Alarm Control Panel (Sub-line)

16 wired zones, 30 wireless zones; PSTN & GSM

AS-9000SIP Alarm Control Panel (Sub-line)

16 wired zones, 30 wireless zones; PSTN & TCP/IP

AS-9000FX Alarm Control Host (Bus-line)

16 wired zones, 30 wireless zones, 1800 bus zones; PSTN

AS-V Series Monitoring Alarm Control Panel

Integrate Alarm With Monitoring (NVR)

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